Low mortgage rates during the pandemic encouraged people to buy properties even though the pandemic has yet to end. The remote working arrangement added to the confidence of many home buyers who opted to buy properties in the suburbs. Their choice was mainly to get away from life in the city.

Even as suburban life is suitable for some people, others prefer living in the city due to its benefits. Here are some benefits offered by living in the city or the suburbs.

Benefits of Urban Living

Even as the city feels confining to many people due to the population density, it also offers many benefits and amenities that you cannot normally find in the suburbs.

Housing Choices

Living in the city gives people a host of housing options depending on the location and size. These housing options include a single-family home, apartment, and condominium. Smaller cities like Charleston, Sacramento, and Pittsburgh may offer single-family homes.

On the other hand, high-rise apartments and condominiums are typically found in bigger cities, such as Boston and Manhattan. Multi-family residences are typically built in Los Angeles.

Public Transportation

The city also has a good public transportation system. You have several options, including buses, subways, taxis, and trams. Ride-sharing services also operate mainly in the city. This means you can easily move around the city even if you don’t have a car. Besides, it’s quite expensive to own a car since you have to deal with maintenance, insurance, and parking.


When you live in the city, you have many choices when it comes to food and entertainment. These options include restaurants, bars, and cinemas. Living in the city also means many amenities are within walking distance from your place, including supermarkets, banks, doctors’ offices, and dry cleaners.

Moreover, internet access in the city is easier to develop since telecommunications companies typically ensure connectivity in urban areas is top-notch. So, you will have lesser issues if you work from your home in the city. Cities have also started to develop parks to give residents a place where they can job and exercise outdoors. City residents can also jog in these city parks, which made city living appealing for many people.


Job Opportunities

Before the pandemic started, looking for a city job was easy since potential employers are typically close to each other. Some people planning to switch jobs even go for an interview during the lunch break. Moreover, cities have higher-paying jobs that residents can apply for. While this may have changed due to the pandemic, the job opportunities will likely return once everything goes back to normal.

Benefits of Suburban Living

During the pandemic, many people have moved to the suburbs due to the relaxing life it offers. After they bought suburban properties, they immediately called for help in moving their stuff out of the city’s apartments. Here are some benefits of living in the suburbs.

Cheaper Housing

While property prices may have increased during the pandemic, they’re still cheaper compared to urban properties. Most of the houses in the suburbs are single-family homes that feature a lot of outdoor space. These homes even have a laundry room, garage, and huge closets. The prices of these homes are lower compared to standard condominium units in the city.

Peace and Quiet

While city living is associated with traffic and noise, it’s the total opposite in suburban living. You will hardly experience traffic, and the noise you’ll hear are birds chirping in the morning. You can even hear church bells tolling on Sundays. Suburban living allows you to slow down and smell the roses, both literally and figuratively.

Community Atmosphere

Another thing that makes suburban living appealing is the community atmosphere where people welcome newcomers in their neighborhood. With a slower pace in life, people get to know each other easily. They greet each other when they meet at the café or grocery. Since there are typically a few establishments in these places, the book shop owner will likely get to know you, especially if you become a regular. You can look forward to a warm ambiance when you move to the suburbs.

Better Health

The laid-back lifestyle in the suburbs means you will not get stressed as much as living in the city. You will also breathe fresh air and have the chance to start your vegetable garden. All of these will translate to better physical and mental health for you, which is not easy to have when you’re living in the city.

Urban and suburban living offers their benefits. And where a person lives will ultimately depend on their personal preference.

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