These unprecedented times are challenging everyone’s mental health. Reports show that people of all walks of life are experiencing stress during the pandemic. But out of all generations alive during the Covid-19 crisis, millennials are taking the most hit.

Many Gen Y lost their jobs due to the social distancing rules. This is aside from the economic hardship they already experienced in 2008. Millennials’ mental stress does not stop there.

According to reports published in 2018, there are nearly 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. where one out of four caregivers are millennials. Millennial caregivers are more likely to care for a loved one that has emotional or mental issues which only adds to their already stressed-out lives. Then the pandemic came and it further influenced millennial’s mental state.

Thankfully, there is still hope in regaining a healthy mental state of mind, even for the burned-out millennials. The kind of approaches that work will vary on the situation. But if you are looking forward to helping a millennial loved one, or your family in general, in improving their mental health, these are surprising but effective things you can try.

Invest in the Right Home Improvements

Your home is a sacred place where all family members should feel safe, comfortable, and free. But sometimes, our own homes can’t provide the things we need, like the right to privacy, enough space, or the kind of comfort and safety we crave. What’s better than improving the very space where they should feel “at home?”

For instance, your loved one is anxious about their privacy and safety. You may live in a guarded neighborhood, but this still is not enough to make them feel safe. Consider a few improvements to finally give them peace of mind.

Big corporations usually invest in high-end improvements like bulletproof glass for windows and doors to safeguard the place and their people against the bad guys. You may not require such elaborate upgrades in your home. But you can opt for their other home safety tactics like investing in smart locks, security cameras, and a smart security system.

With the right home improvements, you can give your loved ones better peace of mind. Sometimes, all it takes is providing them with a safer, more comfortable, and more private environment to help.

Unleash Your Inner Child With Them

Adults are often trapped in their stressful and busy world that they forget how to stop and have fun. But remember that everyone has their own inner child. The more you let your inner child out, the happier and more at peace you will feel.

So, don’t be afraid to let loose and have some good fun with your family. Jump on the bed, dance to your favorite tunes, and indulge in your comfort food every once in a while. Do something silly with your loved ones and once they start to let go, they will feel that their get to access joy once again.

Avoid expecting everyone to always act their age. There are times when we just need to momentarily forget all our stresses, so we can reboot and lift our mood. So, go ahead and have fun with your loved ones, even if it meant acting silly sometimes.

Add More Colors to Your Meals

healthy food

Many people would leave out their greens on their plates. Some only eat a few varieties of vegetables. Others would avoid these food items like a plague.

But did you know that vegetables can help beat stress away? According to a study, women who eat fruits and veggies each day have lower risks of stress compared to those who don’t. This gives you more reasons to serve more vegetables and fruits in each meal.

There are things you can do to make your loved ones like fruits and vegetables. These include:

  • Set a good example and show them that you enjoy eating your fruits and greens
  • Get creative when introducing new meals with vegetables. You can try taste testing new recipes with different vegetables
  • If they can’t eat raw fruits, try turning them into fresh juices or smoothies instead
  • Ask them to help you when shopping for groceries and let them pick out new fruits and vegetables to try
  • Try to grow a vegetable garden with the family and cook your own produce
  • Slowly introduce a more colorful plate
  • Make meal prep and cooking fun enough to entice them to join in
  • Mix veggies with their favorite meals
  • Try to be sneaky when adding vegetables to your dishes

These are but a few things you did not know that can help improve your family’s mental health. Sometimes, it takes creativity to make great changes in a household. Instead of sticking to the usual ways of improving mental health, spice things up a bit. This makes it is more fun and a lot less stressful when trying to help yourself or a loved one get through a rough time.

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