For decades, we have sought ways to improve our diet and eating habits. The current generation is obsessed with physical fitness and wellness because of the rise of obesity at the turn of the century. It was a growing problem, and for a while, many Americans avoided candies, chocolates, and junk food. However, as we improve the way we create food, these products became healthier to consume as well.

Today, people are now opening businesses that create healthy and safe-to-consume sweet products. Sweetbreads and cakes are becoming a delight to eat and has now become integrated into people’s diet. This is the same for all kinds of desserts currently in the market. Here is a look into how various desserts have become healthier throughout the years and why you should integrate them into your diet.

Easy on the Sugar

Many restaurants and businesses are finding healthier ways to create people’s favorite desserts because there is a demand for them no matter what. We all love to indulge in cakes, ice creams, and candies. These are treats that we look forward to consuming after a hard day’s work. But we want them to be healthier and safer for us to consume. By reducing sugar in many ingredients, pastries, such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, have become healthier than ever.

Sugar is one of the key ingredients of many desserts, but it’s also known to be linked with diabetes and obesity. By reducing sugar or completely substituting sugar in various recipes, this risk is reduced drastically. Stevia is a great example of a sugar substitute. It is a plant-based sweetener that can be more flavorful than sugar but also much healthier. It doesn’t increase blood pressure and has no calories, so it’s great for baking! Another sugar substitute is Xylitol. It’s sugar alcohol extracted from corn and birch wood and has 40% fewer calories than sugar.

These substitutes are certainly healthier than sugar. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs have even been enticed to open a bakery franchise that uses these healthier alternatives. Products made from these ingredients are a hit for many consumers who are looking for guilt-free pastries. However, experts still say to consume products with these ingredients moderately because anything that is consumed excessively can still lead to diseases like diabetes.

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Using Natural Ingredients

Chocolate made from pure cocoa beans is a lot healthier than those made with artificial sweeteners. A strawberry shortcake that uses real strawberries instead of syrups tastes better and more nutritious as well. You might have seen cafes or bakeries that post the ingredients they use in front of their shops. This is because the industry is starting to use natural ingredients to serve everyone’s favorite desserts and attract people’s attention.

Many cafes and bakeries are now working with farms all over the United States. They are becoming ever more dedicated to sourcing natural ingredients for their products. They are also more transparent with the ingredients they use and proudly show it to their consumers. This transparency and usage of natural ingredients have made it easier for consumers to trust these businesses. These consumers are more likely to buy from these kinds of businesses than from others in the industry.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Another reason why there is a rise in desserts this year is that people have adopted a healthier lifestyle. Many of the current generations exercise regularly and eat healthier food. This healthy living opens up desserts as an occasional treat for them to indulge. Gone is the guilt they feel when consuming a tub of ice cream or a slice of cake because they know that it balances out their healthy lifestyle.

So how can you integrate the rise of desserts into your daily life? There are a lot of ways to do it. One way is by applying healthier alternatives to sugar, such as Stevia and Xylitol, into the desserts you make at home. Another way is to look for natural ingredients for your desserts. Fruits are a better alternative than using syrups. Lastly, if you’re truly fond of sweets, it’s time for you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You can continue to eat your favorite desserts as long as you exercise regularly and eat healthier dishes in the process.

The rise of desserts is primarily attributed to how health conscious we have become throughout the years. The health revolution has certainly changed the industry, and this is a good shift because now we don’t have to feel guilty when we indulge in eating our desserts. Just always remember to consume them moderately.

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