The world has long been obsessed with using machines that require a good amount of energy to operate. Vehicles with large engines represent a desire to display power, possibly to prove superiority over others. There are also factories that are pushed to produce to record levels in a bid to saturate the market. But the planet has been complaining, as evidenced by the effects of global warming. Ice caps have been melting and tropical storms seem to get stronger every time they appear. We have produced too much carbon dioxide, and it is coming back to us in the worst way possible. Here’s hoping that one day we don’t have to close our interior window shutters just to keep ourselves away from pollution.

One way you can contribute to lowering the carbon dioxide levels is by growing plants at home. Not only does it add beauty to your surroundings, but it also can let you live a sustainable life.

Clean Air

What are plants good for? Their best function, to which humans benefit greatly, is being a natural air filter. They consume carbon dioxide, which is why they are also ideal to put in places where they can get exposed to smoke. That will keep them fed and help improve the process of photosynthesis. It would not be a bad idea to have them in unlikely places, like your bedroom. You are actually an organic being that gives off CO2 when you exhale. Having indoor plants would increase the amount of oxygen that you will inhale. So do not worry about taking that dirty air back in anymore.

The Beauty of It All

You can spend lots of money on designer furniture, but having plants around your property can also make it look good. There is a certain appeal to having your surroundings decorated by all things organic, as it makes the area feel more alive. If you have flowering plants, they are great at adding colors and shapes. It also does not hurt that they smell good too. Overall, having a green thumb will let you have a pleasant place you can hang out in.

Food Source

Female attending to plants in backyard

Plants exist to serve humans. Trees provide shade from the sun and can keep you dry from the rain. There are herbs and leaves that have medicinal properties. Another bare necessity of life that it can provide is sustenance. Can you imagine how great it would be if you had plants that bear fruit or crops that you can harvest? That could provide you huge savings. You no longer have to buy vegetables or fruits from the market anymore if you are already growing them in your backyard. Plus, since you are the one in control of everything, you are assured of their freshness each harvest.

You can contribute to making the world better in your own little ways, and living a sustainable lifestyle is one of them. Having various plants around your house could make this vision come true. They help reduce your carbon footprint by harnessing the power of nature instead of industrial machines that burn large amounts of fuel. There are still a lot of people who may be oblivious to global warming, but as long as you influence another person about the merits of going green, then that is already considered a victory.

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