Health is an essential factor during this pandemic. However, we all know how hard it is to stay fit, especially if we’re just in the comfort of our homes. Don’t be ashamed if you’ve gained some weight throughout this quarantine period. It’s been reported that 60% of Americans have gained some weight because of the pandemic. Hence, the CDC has been trying to find ways to help most Americans get healthier. In addition to these measures, you can make some changes in routine to promote more wellness activities. Here are some simple ways you can stay fit and healthy at home.

Exercise Two Hours Every Week

You don’t need to exercise an hour every day for you to stay fit. Studies have found that about two hours of exercise every week can keep you stay fit, as long as you stick to your diet. Furthermore, this exercise doesn’t have to be intensive, either. Moderate to light exercises, such as jogging, push-ups, and curl-ups, should be enough. You don’t have to invest in gym equipment, either.

The most important thing about this tip is that you have to stay consistent. You’ll have to develop a schedule, and it’s up to you how you’re going to do it. Stick to the two hours every week, and you should stay the same weight (or maybe lose some) when the pandemic is over.

Hot Shower

Many athletes take a hot shower right after an intensive exercise because it relaxes the body and keeps them calm and collected. A hot shower is good for many purposes, such as improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and developing a healthy sleeping habit. But remember that a faulty heater can do more harm than good. A hot water heater replacement service should save you from any electrical accidents that may happen from a faulty heater. Know that prevention is better than waiting for it to break down eventually. It’s also much safer, and you can save costs. So, make sure you get it replaced whenever you can.

You need a long, hot shower after an exhausting day filled with work tasks and house chores.

Cold Shower

A cold shower also has its own set of benefits. Taking a cold shower can keep you alert for most of the day. Additionally, we know that waking up early in the morning can be a problem nowadays. A cold shower can be a solution for that. Cold showers have been known to help develop healthy waking habits early in the morning. If your muscle is aching after some exercise, a cold shower has been known to fix exactly that. Although, indeed, we don’t like cold showers as much its counterpart, it’s good to have them once in a while, especially if we’re trying to wake up during this pandemic.

cool shower

Prioritize Mental Health

One of the things that you should really prioritize during these days is your mental health. It’s been reported that there is an increase in mood disorders worldwide. People are also getting a lot more anxious, knowing that no one really knows when the pandemic will end. The CDC suggests various ways people can cope with these mental health problems. Some easy-to-do solutions are meditation and self-awareness exercises, such as self-affirmation. Given loads of free time at home, you can also consider scheduling some online calls to spend time with your friends and family members who aren’t with you right now. Don’t wait until physical meet-ups are allowed in your state. Continue to develop your relationships with your support group to keep yourself mentally healthy.

Stop Your Vices

Lastly, this pandemic should give you enough time you stop your vices. Drinking every chance you get might seem like a good fix to your feelings of loneliness and depression, but it’s only a temporary fix to your current problems. By stopping your vices right now, you can ensure that you have a healthier future when the pandemic ends. But how do you do this exactly? Therapists and counselors are still available online, and their sessions are considered as good as their physical counterparts. They will surely give you the necessary exercises you need to reduce or stop your vices entirely. So, do your best on this front because your vices can easily be the reason why you’ve been unhealthy all this time.

Here are simple ways you can stay both physically and mentally healthy at home. Let’s not wait for the pandemic to end before we start practicing good habits once again. Let’s take care of our health right now so we can invest in a much healthier future. Furthermore, living a healthy lifestyle is required for many people getting vaccinated, so make sure to start doing it right now.

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