It doesn’t take a genius to take good care of one’s skin. However, with all the available resources online plus all the other skincare routines that have been passed on to us, what we sometimes think is okay can actually do more harm than good.

While skincare isn’t rocket science, there is an art to it. From using the right bath and body skincare products to the skin treatments we get, certain things have been normalized but can also be dangerous to our skin.

Here are several things that people should avoid to prevent damaging our body’s largest organ:

  1. Popping those zits

One of the worst things you can do to your skin is popping those pimples. You can cause scarring on your skin, plus there’s also the risk of causing an infection on the wound and spreading bacteria in surrounding areas which could lead to a worse breakout.

  1. Using rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to clean and treat wounds

Contrary to what we were told as kids, pouring rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on wounds and cuts can actually delay the body’s healing. The best way to clean wounds is to rinse them with cool running water and mild soap.

  1. Using too much pressure when shaving

A lot of people put too much pressure on their skin when shaving thinking that it gives them smoother results. However, too much pressure on the skin makes it uneven and more prone to nicks and cuts.

  1. Keeping drenched clothes on for long periods

Whether it’s water from rain, the pool, or your own sweat, wet clothes trap dust and dirt that clogs your pores which often leads to breakouts. Water-repellent fabrics may not absorb water but they do absorb body oils which could lead to bacterial or fungal infection and body odor.

  1. Buying into the latest social media skincare trends

Just because you see something posted on the information superhighway doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate. There are a lot of articles and videos that talk about the latest in skincare that may not be backed by science and research. And besides, just because it works for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you. So do your research and consult with a dermatologist first before trying out something “new and groundbreaking.”

woman taking a bath

  1. Taking long hot baths

Hot showers and baths may be relaxing but they should generally be kept short. Hot water is bad for the skin. It takes away body oils and moisture and leaves the skill dull and dry. People with a history of eczema will only exacerbate their skin condition the more they take long hot showers and baths.

  1. Not using sunblock or any protection from the sun’s harmful rays

You need sunscreen every day even on days when you don’t think you need it, like cloudy, rainy, or snowy days. The sun’s harmful rays still penetrate through the clouds and can still greatly affect your skin even if you don’t feel its sting. Applying sunscreen and using articles of clothing that give you an added layer of protection from the sun help prevent sunburn, skin damage, and even skin cancer.

  1. Neglecting the neck

If your skincare routine does not include your neck, you’re not doing yourself any favors. A proper skincare routine does not stop at the jawline. The skin on your neck is one of the first areas of the body that will show signs of aging because it is thinner compared to other areas. Giving it some much-needed love and attention helps delay its aging process and gives it a youthful glow.

  1. Frequently changing skincare routines and using way too many products

It may seem fun to try out the latest skincare products on the market but constantly changing the products you use will not give you optimal results. It typically takes at least four to six weeks of consistent product use to produce noticeable results. Plus, it will be harder to pinpoint the cause of any negative results if you’re constantly changing products and routines.

  1. Overuse of harsh scrubs for exfoliating

Exfoliation is quite amazing for skincare if done in moderation. When done in excess, especially if you’re using harsh scrubs, it will leave your skin dry and damaged.

Part of taking care of our bodies is having the right skincare routine. The skin, after all, is our body’s first line of defense so if we value our health, we should also pay closer attention to our skin.

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