A spare room can be an interesting dilemma for a homeowner. It opens up a lot of possibilities, and it can be hard to decide on what to do with it. One interesting choice would be to make it a library. It sounds like something only millionaires do, but a modest home library can be an impressive addition to any home. If you think the idea is a good one, here are some tips on how to make it a reality.

The Shelving Is The Foundation

The very first thing you have to do for your library is to put up the necessary shelving. When you think of a library, you always see it in your mind’s eye as full of books from top to bottom. That should be how your shelving should look like. Set directly into the walls; this fully maximizes the space in the room. It would be best if you also considered how easy would it be to set up on your own. If the shelves are heavy, you might need a little help. Second, you need to set up a way to reach all the books. If you have high shelving, then ladders should be included in your installation. It can be even more impressive if they are rolling ones. This allows you to reach books better when necessary. Finally, you’ll want to reinforce the floor since all those books can be very heavy.

Make The Lighting Work

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A library should have good lighting for several reasons. For one, you need it for arranging the books properly. Second, you’ll want to read in your library. Good lighting ensures that you won’t be squinting your eyes the entire time. But you also want your library to look great. You need to have several lights in the room. One is for general ambiance. This is usually soft lighting that works well with your shelving. You will also want focused lights that will accent particular parts of the room like shelving. Finally, it would be best if you had a couple of reading lights so that you can read in the library. Have a reading lamp on a table or the back of your chair so that everything is legible.

Get Some Professional Help

While most libraries are generally functional, a really good home library needs to look impressive. To make that happen, you’ll want the help of an interior design company. If your main idea is to make the library full of varnished wood stylings, getting assistance is a good idea. With professional interior design, you can transform a stodgy and stuffy room into a more inviting light one. Interior designers know how to manipulate space with proper positioning of furniture and decoration so they can be a big help.

Fill It Up And Organize It

Now that you’ve made the library look good, you should then take steps to fill it up. Dumping all of the books you own into the room makes it a chaotic place. Try your best to organize things. You don’t have to use the Dewey Decimal System. It can be as simple as assigning each shelf a genre and then packing the right books into it. If the shelves are not full, don’t worry. There are more than enough books out there to fill up space. You should set aside a book-purchasing budget so that you can fill it up much more easily.

Having a library in your house can be a great thing. Bringing your guests into it can show off your intelligence and taste. There is something about a home library that feels impressive, especially if it looks great and has a solid collection of books.

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