As you grow older, your body becomes weaker. Activities that were easy for you to do in your youth turn challenging because of the mobility limits you gain with age. Certain movements also become uncomfortable, painful, or a source of injury.

So, when seniors insist on living at home independently, that does not mean they do not need any help. You can still ensure that their every day is comfortable and safe even when you are miles apart and there is no one to assist them at all times.

There are multiple devices that you can purchase that will make your elderly loved ones’ final years a little easier.

Not Everyone is the Same

First of all, not everyone’s situation is the same. A senior resident’s age as well as their health should be considered when choosing which devices would be useful to them.

Aging often comes with a number of illnesses and health conditions, including high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. Some have an increased risk of experiencing a stroke, cancers, etc.

If a senior parent is sick or disabled, they will need special equipment to maintain independent living despite their present condition. A hoist for home care use will be essential if one of the residents has limited mobility.

Before buying any device, talk to a medical professional. A doctor or therapist would be able to make recommendations based on a patient’s conditions, limitations, and needs.

A Smart Assistant

A smart assistant is a perfect companion for seniors. It does not require any technical skills to operate. All you have to do is to say what you want to get done and the device will be able to achieve it without a problem.

If they want to switch off the connected lights outdoors, for example, they can tell Google Assistant or Alexa. They would not have to step out of the house, switch the lights off, and then walk back in darkness.

These smart assistants can also provide safety. You can set a reminder for your forgetful parents to take their medicine on time. In case of an accident, they can verbally alert the device and phone emergency services or contact as soon as possible.

A Lightweight, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

using a vacuum cleaner

A regular vacuum may become difficult to use and may even lead to an injury. Cleaning, however, is a necessary household chore. Dust that may accumulate on furniture may result in or exacerbate existing respiratory problems.

A robot vacuum, although would be the easiest to use, may become a tripping and falling hazard.

The best option is to hire a cleaning service that will send cleaners into their home and maintain the house. The next best option would be to get them a lightweight and cordless vacuum.

A lightweight vacuum is easy to carry from room-to-room. If it is cordless, there is an assurance that they, or another person, will accidentally get caught and get hurt.

Auto Shut-Off Stove

One danger that comes from seniors living independently at home is cooking. Certain conditions like poor eyesight and forgetfulness, two things that are common among seniors and may cause an accident, make preparing a meal more dangerous than normal.

Forgetting to turn off the stove is a serious problem. It does not just result in burnt food. It can start a house fire. Thankfully, there are now stoves that can turn itself off when it has been running for far too long or it senses that there is no one around to use it. It still works like normal, but you can toggle with the settings to be more responsive to the actions and behaviors of whoever will use it.

Seniors have notoriously been afraid of using new technology, but there are dozens of devices in the market that seek to make their days more comfortable. They only need family members to introduce these gadgets to them.

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