Medicine is readily available and accessible nowadays. But that doesn’t mean we should simply self-medicate whenever we feel that there’s something wrong. The topic of medicine isn’t an easy topic to discuss- it’s highly scientific and technical. That’s why when approaching it, it’s always best accomplished under the guidance of a health professional. Self-medicating is dangerous and can lead to many problems.

Here are a few more reasons why you should never self-medicate.

It doesn’t resolve the root cause.

When an individual self-medicates, they’re often not sure of what it is they’re resolving. Most of the time, it’s simply a solution to a symptom that might be a cause of a much larger problem. Without the aid of a medical professional, an individual taking medicine will never address the root cause. It’s a temporary relief, one that might alleviate symptoms now but might have undesirable effects later down the line. Typically, when the symptoms stop, the desire to see a doctor stops as well, preventing the correct diagnosis for what needs to be done. An individual will never know whether they’re carrying a fatal disease unless it’s too late- so make sure you pay a visit to your doctor.

It’s a stop-gap solution.

As mentioned in the last point, self-medicating usually is an answer to a momentary pain. Over-the-counter drugs designed to alleviate pain are simply just that: pain relievers. But that doesn’t mean the pain went away or the problem is solved. The feeling of pain recedes merely, but it’s bound to return soon- perhaps even exacerbated because it’s left untreated. It’s a momentary solution, one that every doctor will frown upon.

It tends to make you reliant.

Constant self-medication isn’t the answer to recurring pain. Going to the doctor, getting the correct diagnosis, and being appropriately medicated is the proper way to resolve health issues. Always opting to take medicine will simply make an individual reliant on them. And the constant consumption increases the body’s tolerance, requiring an even higher dosage to feel any effect. This can dangerously lead to substance abuse, which makes communicating with your doctor or therapist all that more important.

There might be contraindications.

When an individual takes multiple medicines at any given time, there’s always the risk of side effects. Some drugs have contraindications and should never be used in conjunction with each other. This information is not readily available or accessible- they are accessible, but typically, only a medical professional would be skilled enough to realize or understand it.

You’re not sure of the proper dosage.


Another concern is the proper dosage. Often, we take an extra pill if we’re feeling extra hurt. This is dangerous as it increases your tolerance, or it might even have detrimental side effects.

The medicine might be expired.

Here’s a common scenario: it’s the night after a long, tiring day at work. Your head hurts, so you decide to drink painkillers. What many people fail to consider is how long those painkillers have been in their medicine cabinet. Many people simply keep a stash for “emergencies” without understanding that some drugs have an expiration date, some shorter than others. It’s critical to be careful with what you take, and only through having a prescription and a schedule to take medicine will we know that the medication is safe.

Only a health professional knows the right one to take.

There’s a wide variety of pills and syrups available at the pharmacy, and most individuals don’t know the whole breadth of medical solutions. Different kinds of medicine for different types of diseases exist. You might not even be aware of the existence of some tools that can help. Custom injected molded medical apparatus, illness-specific machines, and topical forms of medicine exist to provide relief. We’ll only really have the prescription or the awareness of them through the right avenues. A trip to the doctor is the only guaranteed way to get the right medicine- and sometimes, it’s not even medicine we need, but a lifestyle change.

It’s Never the Best Way to Solve a Problem

Throughout the article, we kept mentioning visiting a doctor instead of self-medicating. The simple truth is that it’s far better to be sure that you’re taking the suitable medicine than taking a chance and getting sick because of it. Remember that drugs aren’t like food that has minimal effect on the body unless eaten consistently. Medicine can have a significant impact through one take, and that’s why we should always approach it with caution and realize that we should only follow the doctor’s advice.

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