Remember when you were still conceptualizing what your dream house is going to look like, making lots of floor plan sketches, and taking inspiration from architectural designs online? For anyone who does not want to waste any penny on wrong building decisions, especially those who financed their house with the help of a reliable mortgage company, painstakingly planning the house’s layout is ever a wise decision.

This same attention to detail should also be applied when deciding on what furniture to place in various areas of the house. Here are other pointers to minimize spending on furniture:

Plan Your Space Usage

So, you have done allocating space for fixtures in your house and making sure that you can comfortably move around every room. The next thing you can plan even as early as when the house is still under construction is to determine what things are going to occupy your every shelf, drawer, and cabinet.

Doing this as early as now will help you rank your possessions according to the value they add to your daily living and, in turn, decide which ones you will keep and those you will give away.

By then, you will realize how much unnecessary load you are keeping with your present lifestyle and that you will do just as fine with one piece of every home item. For example, depending on how much you cook at home, you can keep just one frying pan, one saucepan, one spatula, one pair of tongs, and etcetera. But, this decision need not be final because you will never how your needs will change once your house is finished, and so you can allot some leeway for additional implements in the future.

With the rough estimate of what you are going to store, determine how many drawers and shelf levels you are going to need and how wide they are. You can even sketch your furniture and indicate what you are going to store in each storage space. This will save you so much time when transferring into the new house later.

Used Furniture

You will be surprised by how many surplus shops there are in your area. Some are even active online, and so you can view their offerings of used furniture from your phone or computer and ask them for specifications. Others go beyond to willingly deliver your ordered pieces straight to your door.

To get the upper hand in a used furniture deal, meticulously inspect for any surface-level and mechanical damages. See if a scratch can be remedied with a round of polish or a fresh coat of varnish, if cabinet doors close softly, and if wooden feet are still stable. These are just some small issues you can independently resolve with common household tools. But, beware of missing door handles or chipped paint which could be difficult to find a matching piece or paint shade for, and other more challenging defects.

built-in shelves

Go Built-In

Fixing furniture like shelves, shoe cabinets, and cupboards onto your wall is another idea that will guarantee you savings for the life of your house. For one, you no longer have to break a sweat moving them when cleaning. But, only make sure that they are installed in a way that you can reach through every corner and its floor underneath when cleaning.

Built-in furniture could also help you save on materials, especially if you choose the same material for everything. You can buy the materials in bulk and have your contractor handle the assembly job. Again, you could maximize your furniture by knowing ahead what you are going to put on and in them, or else you will regret how it is built and that you can no longer relocate them.


Save not only money but also space by opting for modular-designed furniture. Think of a mini side table tucked into your standing drawer and an ottoman stuffed with smaller seats. There are ready-made ones you can readily purchase online, but you can also have them custom-made according to your house’s available space by interior design companies.

Think Long-Term

Consider how well you can maintain your furniture. Do you know which cleaning chemicals and fabric to use on materials like hardwood, aluminum finish, brass, and glass? How often do you think you can clean them?

Also, no matter how tempting it is to buy trendy pieces, try to stick to the basics and timeless pieces as much as possible. Time will come when you will grow tired of a furniture piece because of its color or design. Minimalist and neutrally colored ones are your best bet if you want furniture that has easy upkeep and that will keep everyone pleased by how you manage to maintain a pleasant abode without going over-the-top with furniture.

Good-looking and highly functional furniture need not come with outrageous costs. Be a wise spender and be conscious of your storage and design needs.

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