We live in rather stressful times. The economy’s on a downturn, there’s a worldwide pandemic, and many people feel anxious and stressed over the whole situation. This constant stress can result in physical weakness, like feeling sick or tired all the time. It can even balloon into something serious, affecting both physical and mental well-being. That’s why de-stressing and relaxing are important.

Taking time off isn’t laziness. It’s an important part of self-care and should be practiced by everyone. However, with the world’s insistence on blind, hard work, many have forgotten what it’s like to relax. Below are some activities you can do to help you de-stress and recover your energy.

Listening to Relaxing Music

Lofi music is one of the most popular genres nowadays, and it’s no surprise. The rhythmic beat helps your heartbeat at a relaxed rate, the melodies help you get cozy and relax, and when combined right, it can sound like a very relaxing tune. Whenever you feel tired or anxious, try listening to relaxing music, such as jazz. As a matter of fact, listen to whatever music you find relaxing! However, if you don’t particularly have a preferred genre to relax, lofi music can help.

Play Video Games

Many people born in the latter part of the 20th century have played video games throughout their childhood. It’s often connected to nostalgic memories, simpler times with few worries, and a general carefree attitude. And this is what you need, so if you feel tired, stressed, or anxious, try hooking up your favorite video game for old times’ sake. The wave of nostalgia can help relax you and calm down your mind.

Go for a Round of Exercise

Modern medical science often touts the health benefits of exercises. It helps keep your body’s metabolic rate at homeostasis, prevents many illnesses, and keeps the body active and strong. However, an interesting benefit is also linked to exercising: the increase of the ‘happy hormone’ endorphin. So yes, not only will exercise make you healthier, but it can also make you feel generally better. When the mind is tired from working, why not try going for a jog or some push-ups? Sweating it out might help you.

Take a Dip in a Pool

swimming pool

Be it a fiberglass swimming pool or an inflatable one, taking a good long dip in the cold water can help you forget your worries and relax. It reminds you of vacation, helps you ease into relaxing, and is a generally laid-back activity that doesn’t make you remember your tasks and responsibilities. When feeling too swamped with work, consider going for a swim- let the waters drown out your tiredness.

Re-read Your Favorite Book

Many of us grew up reading books. Comic books, fantasy novels, non-fiction, whatever genre you find interesting, go and reread it! It can help you escape into a fantasy wonderland for cheap, inspire you to do better in life, and provide a nostalgic atmosphere so you can relax. The internet holds archives of many books of different kinds, so if you don’t have access to your older books, you can look them up and get to reading.

Write Down Your Feelings

We know what happened during key moments in history because of individuals who wrote it down. While not everyone can play a key part in history, everyone should consider writing down the daily events in their life. Writing it down can help express deep-seated emotions, releasing them and venting it out. If you’re creative at heart, you can express your feelings in a literary form, such as a poem or prose. Venting your emotion is very useful whenever you feel stressed. Think about picking the pen up and writing your heart out.

Watch a Movie or Series

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? It might just be the way you can take your mind off things and relax. Fire up your favorite movie or TV show. Everyone deserves a day to recuperate and recover their mental energy. You can even turn it into a family event and have your children or partner watch a movie from your childhood! Movies and TV shows are a great way to relax, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing them.

Everyone has different ways of relaxing. What’s important is you find out yours so you can retreat to it in times of trouble. Don’t forget that you deserve to relax and rest. Hopefully, you find your way to relax and come out feeling better because of it.

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