The Atlantic recently reported that the United States does not necessarily have a crime wave but a violence wave. The stress, frustration, and grief brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, not to mention the social and political turmoil America has seen in the past year and a half and even beyond, has caused many to experience emotional and mental strain.

And while the report says that property crime declined, you can never be too careful or complacent where the safety of your home and your family is concerned. No matter how nice the neighborhood you live in, and no matter what statistics may say, you are never 100 percent safe from vandalism and theft. This doesn’t mean you have to live in fear or paranoia, but there is nothing to lose in putting safety precautions in place. You and your family would only have everything to gain.

Here are some tips for protecting your home against various kinds of property crimes.

Replace or repair broken entryways

To turn potential criminals away from your property, you can employ some deterring strategies. According to a study of 86 burglars, they often broke into homes through unlocked windows or doors, and some would also kick doors open. If you want to protect your property, your first line of defense is secure entryways. This means ensuring that all your doors, front and back, are as durable and sturdy as possible and that your windows are designed in ways that, if they were made of glass, an entire person wouldn’t be able to get through if they were to break it.

Broken garage doors can also be an Achilles heel for homes, so make sure to have your garage door repaired or replaced once you see an area of weakness in it. A perfectly secure and durable garage door might make burglars think twice about attempting to enter your property.

Install a well-reviewed security system

There are so many security systems in the market now, many carrying the “smart” tag. Only you would know your security requirements and how much money you want to invest in it. The factors to consider when choosing the best security system for your property include:

  • Professional versus DIY installation
  • Professional versus DIY monitoring
  • Budget
  • Contract requirements you’re willing to sign
  • Smartphone integration
  • Your specific security needs, like do you have a family member with medical needs? How about kids? Which crimes are you trying to deter—vandalism, theft, robbery, burglary? List your unique needs so that when you consult with experts, they can give you the perfect setup.

Before making a purchase or signing a contract, don’t forget to read reviews or speak to homeowners who have experience with the brand you’re considering so you can have a full picture of how their system works.

Incorporate a security light

Security lighting can help deter vandals and other potential criminals from attempting to enter your property. Motion sensors have grown in popularity in the past few years. Still, they do not always work as effectively because they would only work once the burglar entered the home. Security lights might make them more insecure or feel intimidated by the idea of trespassing. If they’re suspiciously prowling outside your house and there’s a security light, you or your neighbors will be more likely to spot them as opposed to when it’s pitch black.

Make friends with your neighbors

Chris Watts, who is currently serving time in prison for murdering his entire family, was caught primarily because his poor wife’s friend and their neighbor cared enough to pay attention. No man is an island, and this sentiment is true regarding neighborhood safety: We need to look out for one another.

If you have an excellent relationship or even just a rapport with your neighbors, you would have an extra layer of protection since you would have more people looking out for your welfare as well. If anyone attempts to vandalize your property, ruin your garden, or try to trespass, you would have an extra set of eyes looking out for you. While it may be uncomfortable to spend lots of time with others during a pandemic, you can still build a friendship by simply dropping by to say hi and give them delicious food.

In a time when incidents of crime are prime to grow, it can’t hurt to add more layers of protection to your home. Think of it as an investment in your family’s safety for years to come.

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