The environment plays a significant role in our lives. Being disconnected from it can bring many health complications. It can also affect our overall mental health.

For example, during this pandemic, people are more prone to depression and anxiety due to being isolated in their homes. In addition, our disconnection from nature and the environment is making this problem even worse.

One excellent solution for this is to reconnect with nature, and that is to have trees and plants by our side.

Green Exercise

One activity that is gaining some traction among the younger generation today is known as green exercise. It’s technically any exercise done in the presence of nature. However, the most suggested form of green exercise is walking and hiking.

Green exercise has been known to improve people’s overall mood state. It’s been known to reduce the chances of depression and anxiety. It’s also been known to alleviate the symptoms of such a mental disorder.

The stimulation coming from the environment can also reduce the effects of cognitive disorders. For example, it can help alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or prevent it entirely.

The physical effects of green exercise can also help people lose weight or maintain their current weight. In addition, it can help them have better skin and have a more active metabolism. Furthermore, it can also help improve your overall respiratory system.

There are so many benefits to green exercise, so try it out whenever you can.


Doing some gardening is another option you have if you don’t live near a park or forest. By doing gardening, you’re bringing nature to your doorstep.

Gardening is considered light to moderate exercise, and it can help you lose weight if you do it for at least an hour every day. It can keep you fit and strong. Moreover, gardening, much like green exercise, also has a positive effect on our brains.

People who garden can avoid depression and anxiety. Furthermore, they can enrich their creativity and imagination. It can also help them to be more optimistic in life.

Gardening can also be a very social interaction. Asking friends and family members to help your garden can help you connect with them as well. It’s something you could also discuss with your friends, especially if you’re trying to collect different plants in your garden.

Gardening is a great activity to help you enrich your mind. Add it to your daily routine to experience its maximum effects.

family on the grass

Natural Playground

If you want your children to experience the same benefits of nature in their lives, then you should consider building a natural playground for them. Natural playgrounds are great for children who love the outdoors. It’s also great if you’re planning to introduce some outdoor activities to your kids.

Building one doesn’t require much, and it mostly relies on what’s in your backyard. The process of building a natural playground is limitless as long as you use your creativity and imagination.

You can install a swing set on your tree or maybe even build a treehouse. These are just a few creative things for your natural playground. It’s important to have some trees in your backyard for this to work. If your tree isn’t looking well for the past few years, consider hiring a professional tree surgeon to check it out. These experts will help your trees live a better life. They can also help you create the natural playground of your dreams.

Disconnection From Nature

Our disconnection from nature can lead to negativity in our brains. This negativity can then spread like a virus and affect our entire body. It can make us feel lethargic and depressed. It can also disconnect us from the people closest to us. This can then create an unhealthy cycle that can last for years.

Furthermore, such a cycle can affect other people’s lives as well. It can damage our relationships with others. It can also transfer to the people we love. There is societal distress happening right now because of the overwhelming effects of global warming. People are anxious at a global scale because of our lack of care for the environment.

If we want our future to be bright, we’ll have to reconnect with nature. It’s time for us to exercise and do activities in the presence of nature. It’s also time that we build our gardens and take care of the environment even more. Through these actions, we can reconnect with nature, and through this connection, we can then improve our mental health and keep mental illness away from our minds.

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