Australia, known as the Land Down Under, is a beautiful country you can move to and live in. You have to know what to expect in Australia. You have to see the weather, the food, the traffic rules, the tax rates, the expenses, and everything else. You have to research what you need to bring when you move to this country. What are the things that you should bring with you when you move to Australia?

Here are some things you need to know when moving to Australia:


The weather in Australia varies a lot. It has four seasons like some states in America. There are deserts in Australia and arid places where it is primarily dry, but there are also wet tropics and snowy peaks. The weather can be too hot during summer, but it still gets chilly during wintertime. Check which Australian state you want to move to because the temperature varies in different states in Australia.

There are places where you can encounter all four seasons in a day, so check the clothes you bring. You also have to remember the weather in Australia is different; if you used to live in the Northern Hemisphere, then your Christmas is chilly and sometimes even snowy. Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, their summer is your winter, and their winter is your summer.


When in Australia, you have to know how traffic flows — for vehicles and humans. They drive on the left because they were influenced by the British. Australia used to be a British colony that is why most traffic rules that apply in Britain also apply here. They drive on the left side, which might be different from your driving habit.


Living expenses in Australia are higher than in the US. You might have to pay an average of three thousand AUD ($3000.00) a month for your living expenses when you live alone. It will average at five thousand AUD ($5000.00) a month if you have a family. The cost of living in Australia is 9% higher than in America but 10% lower than in Europe.

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Perth, Australia


Just like in America, Australia has a land area divided into different states. There are eight major cities in Australia, and living expenses vary from city to city depending on the population. Sydney is the most populated city in this country, while Canberra is the least populated place in Australia. You have to remember that there are areas in Australia inhabited due to the many poisonous and dangerous animals.


Income tax in Australia is one-third of every Australian Dollar you will earn. If you average a monthly salary of ten thousand AUD ($10000.00), you have to pay the government three thousand three hundred thirty-three AUD ($3333.00). The income tax is high and will mean you have to have a high-paying job to enjoy financial freedom in Australia.


Jobs vary in Australia, and in most cities, you can land the same position you had. There is a wide variety of entry-level jobs in different cities across Australia. You can get clerical and office support workers, arts and media professionals, business, human resource and marketing professionals, caregivers and aides, cleaners and laundry workers, farmworkers, construction and mining laborers, etc. Some cities will offer you jobs on farms because there are many farms in the suburbs.


The Great Australian Outback is a vast land area in the middle of Australia, and it is primarily uninhabited parts of the country. The summer can be scorching in this area, and wildfires tend to start here. There are also a lot of poisonous and dangerous animals that live in the wild. It is a fact that only a handful of people live nearby the Outback.


Australian food comprises sausages, burgers, steaks, seafood, chicken, turkey, and fish. The food is a mix of British and American influence with the dominance of British-inspired cuisine.


Australian culture is inherited from the British because it was once part of the British colony. Most of the words and slang in Australia are British in origin. The culture of the Aboriginal Tribes, Torres Strait Islanders, and other Australian people also makes up Australia’s culture. Australian day is every 26th of January, and it is like the American Fourth of July.


Australia is mainly Western in culture with a lot of British influence because of its colonization. The language used in Australia is English with the Southern British accent. Other languages in Australia are Mandarin, Arabic, and Cantonese. Most people think that the pronunciation used in Australia is cockney, but in reality, it is more of a Southern British accent.

These are the things that you have to know when moving to Australia. You have to further your research about the city where you will live. Generally speaking, Australians are good people; they enjoy the beach, the heat, sports, and food. You have to remember that when you encounter an emergency, do not dial 911 because it is not the emergency number in this country.

You have to dial triple zero (000) if you need assistance from Australia’s police, fire, or ambulance services. If you have decided which city to live in, make sure that you enjoy their culture, friendship, and wholeness. Living in Australia will change your life for good.

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