Many people see senior care facilities as dreary and depressing; merely places that people go to die and where families dump their elderly loved ones. However, this is a misconception that no longer holds true for many senior care facilities today. In fact, many seniors are better off in a senior care facility than at home where they do not have access to 24/7 professional care, and there are many other types of senior care facilities other than the traditional nursing home.

That said, here are more reasons to get excited about moving to a senior care facility—and why it’s not as depressing as many people think:

  1. There are many types of senior care facilities

When people hear the term ‘senior facility’, they automatically think of a nursing home with residents idling in a rec room under the supervision of orderlies. In reality, there are many types of senior care facilities available today. There are assisted living facilities, where residents are still mostly independent but receive assistance from healthcare staff. There are also independent senior living facilities, which are simply any type of housing designed exclusively for older adults and do not always offer medical or nursing staff.

With this in mind, it is still very possible for seniors to live independently but have access to assistance whenever they need it. Compared to aging independently at home, senior care facilities can be safer and healthier overall.

  1. There is easy access to medical care

Immediate access to medical care and assistance is vital to older adults, especially those who are living with chronic conditions. Most senior care facilities have in-house medical staff to address residents’ needs as soon as possible without taking away their independence. Thus, residents can rest easy knowing that they don’t have to wait for help to arrive whenever they need it.

  1. There are plenty of opportunities for socialization

A healthy amount of socialization is imperative to seniors’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Loneliness and depression are common problems amongst older adults, primarily due to isolation from loved ones as they grow older. Living in a senior care facility reduces the risk of these problems by providing plenty of opportunities for socialization, either with staff or other residents.

In fact, many senior care facilities prioritize socialization amongst their residents. Hence, it is not uncommon for social events to be a regular part of the schedule in senior facilities, especially during holidays when residents are more likely to feel lonely without their loved ones nearby.

  1. No housework

For many older adults, doing housework zaps up a lot of their energy, which they could be used for more enjoyable activities. At times, housework can also put seniors’ health and safety at risk.

In a senior care facility, residents don’t have to worry about household chores—aside from maybe keeping their own space clean. However, many senior care facilities allow residents to take on simple work to give them a sense of purpose, such as watering plants, helping out in the kitchen, or taking care of the garden.

  1. Security

Seniors, especially those who are living alone, make easy targets for home invaders. Since seniors are less able to defend themselves and have a lower awareness of their surroundings, criminals are more likely to choose their homes to burglarize. This is made worse by the fact that seniors are also less likely to have security systems in their homes compared to younger homeowners.

Increased security is another good reason to move into a senior care facility. Most senior care facilities have security systems, guards, CCTV cameras, and physical barriers to protect the entire property and its residents. That said, seniors can have more peace of mind knowing that they are as safe as they can be, and the same goes for their loved ones.

  1. There is no need to make modifications

If an older adult decides to age at home, they will have to make modifications to their home (e.g. handrails, walk-in bathtubs, lever door handles, etc.) to make it more conducive to their needs as they age. In a senior home facility, those modifications already exist, and seniors won’t have to worry about their home being a safety hazard.

The idea of moving to a senior care facility can be daunting and downright depressing for many, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that living in a senior care facility has a lot of benefits. If you have the right mindset about it, you can even feel excited about joining a senior community and enjoying what senior care has to offer.

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