The logistics industry paused for a while after the pandemic started. This came after many countries closed their borders to prevent the spread of the virus. They eventually reopened and allowed shipping to resume. This allowed the supply chain to recover from the disruption caused by the crisis.

Entrepreneurs looking for a business opportunity should consider starting a logistics company as demand for their services will increase in the coming years. While the industry is appealing, they should also avoid some mistakes that considerably affect the business. Here are the mistakes that logistics companies should avoid to increase revenues.

Operational Wastefulness

Logistics businesses should avoid operational wastefulness using clear strategies to reduce costs. These businesses should make sure to monitor expenses by calculating them properly. The cost of the product is based on weight, distance, location, and speed of the service. This makes it less challenging to determine logistics expenses.

While monitoring expenses, the business should also work on reducing them. Cost reduction is the biggest challenge that the industry is facing. And with increasing fuel prices, cutting expenses becomes more challenging. Since fuel prices are beyond the control of the industry, businesses should focus on other aspects of the business to save money.

For instance, the business should work with other carriers and redistribute their business with these carriers. While this will cut costs, it will also increase overdependency on these carriers. The logistics company should also consider consolidating shipments to reduce fuel costs.

These companies should also consider using other assets to increase revenue without increasing costs. In this situation, acquiring box or flat top trailers from King Kong Trailers is advisable since it allows the business to increase capacity without buying a new van or truck. Attaching the trailer to a pickup allows the business to have another option if all its trucks are occupied when another delivery request comes.

Dismissing the Driver Shortage

The commercial trucking sector is currently experiencing a shortage of truck drivers. The demands and challenges in the occupation have made it challenging for companies to find qualified drivers to drive their trucks. Due to this, a logistics company needs to focus on this issue since it will affect its growth in the market.

Before a person becomes a truck driver, he should pass several requirements. His driving records are inspected to check for traffic violations in the past. If there are discrepancies in the inspection, it will affect the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score of the company.

And if their CSA score does not meet the standards, the company will lose its license to operate. So, a logistics company needs to make sure they have enough drivers for their business.

Avoiding the Use of Technology


Many industries received a lot of benefits from recent developments in technology. It can make their work easier and increase the productivity of their employees. Thus, a logistics company that does not use technology will miss the chance to improve its market productivity and profitability.

While many truckers are anxious about self-driving trucks taking their jobs, this is not yet a cause for concern since the technology is not yet developed. But it does not mean that the industry should avoid using technology altogether,

Logistics companies should recognize the benefits offered by technology. It facilitates work and increases productivity. For instance, technology allows them to track products while in transit. It also facilitates inventory-taking and minimizes errors in data entry.

Automation systems also facilitate the packaging and labeling of goods. It also facilitates warehouse sorting. The use of data analytics allows a logistics company to know where they need to improve to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency. Technology also makes it safer to work within the industry.

So, a logistics company should not make the mistake of overlooking technology since it improves productivity, which translates to better revenues for the company.

Neglecting Good Customer Service

Good customer service is important to ensure that customers continue to patronize the products and services of a company. A logistics company should not assume that its clients will continue to stay with them all the time.

If the company does not emphasize customer service, they will soon find out that their customers have already jumped ship and are getting the services of their competitors. So, logistics companies should avoid neglecting good customer service to ensure they continue to work with their existing customers.

The logistics business has to step up following the slowdown when the pandemic started. Due to this, it should avoid common mistakes that affect its productivity and efficiency in its operations.

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