Isolation is something that people can’t really cope with. It’s why this is used as a punishment for people in prison. During COVID-19, everyone’s punished with isolation. Some do endure it for long periods of time, but eventually, they’ll also crack; people need other people for their mental health.

It’s not only the mental health of people that you should look after during this crisis. No man is an island goes the saying and you also need other people for your emotional health. Let’s say you’re trying to build a business that sells hydraulic hose replacements. You’re going to need people for that, right? That’s why no man is an island. Whether for business or for mental health, people will inevitably need other people.

Today’s an unprecedented time so you’re going to have to take drastic measures to keep your family and friends safe and sane during this episode in our history. Review these tips for a better fighting chance.

You’ve Lost Something. It’s Okay to Acknowledge That

Experts said that during the pandemic, people felt as if they’ve lost a part of themselves in the pandemic. They’re also saying that it’s okay to feel that, even if your healthy, as this is part of a healthy exercise. But what is it that you’ve exactly lost?

People have been told to shelter in place during the pandemic. This is what experts say that people have lost — it’s generally their freedom to do things. Those who are unlucky enough to be infected by the virus have lost their health, for a time. That’s why it’s okay to acknowledge that.

For your mental health, you should own that loss. It’s an important part of coping with the situation and healing from its ravages. It’s a little like the loss of a loved one, only it’s a bit more personal.

Own and Then Adjust the Narrative

Once you’ve accepted that loss, experts say that people should think of ways how to reverse the situation. Acceptance is only part of the battle. This part is under the moving-on stage, where you’re going to work on what can be changed instead of focus on what cannot.

It was easy to just ignore this before, since there was a lot of hustle and bustle of work and going places to distract us. Now, when you’re staying at home, you can try to improve it by cooking and preparing a meal. You can also clean up or re-arrange fixtures you’ve noticed are out of place or aren’t functionally aesthetic.

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Have Meals Together

Perhaps, before the pandemic, you were able to eat in your favorite restaurants. It’s a little hard to do that now, especially with the lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders. A good way of recreating this would be to cook meals for each other and eat them together at the same time.

Experts explain that this creates an environment of safety, where you and your loved ones feel like they’re in a ‘safe zone’ of sorts. It also allows you to catch up on each other’s lives and how everyone is doing.

Everyone Responds Differently to Stress

You should avoid comparing yourself to others on how they’re coping with the stress of the current situation. Experts say that each one’s response to the crisis — including our own family members — is different. This will probably be a frequently reviewed period of our time and a study on how humans respond to stress.

You should be prepared for more emotional or behavioral changes in your loved ones. Others might have increased anxiety, while others may display a general calmness in how things are going. Do your best to understand and offer positive support during this time to create an atmosphere of growth.

Don’t Be a Stranger

This is very, very important during the time right now. Sure, people aren’t allowed to go out and visit each other, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to do it. If you have a laptop and a camera or a smartphone, then you can call your loved ones via Zoom or any other virtual app.

Don’t do it once in a blue moon, too. There’s a lot of time that the pandemic has allowed us; do keep checking up on each other frequently. It’s a therapy in itself to know that everyone is doing safe despite the pandemic.

There are a lot of people with elevated stress and emotional anguish right now, and you’re needed by them. Make sure to allow some time for your communication with each other. It’s an important part of growing even during the pandemic.

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