Becoming healthier is becoming more integral to our daily lives. Since the start of the 21st century, we human beings have started developing new and more nutritious ingredients in our diet. These ingredients are vital in making our lives better. Here are some elements you should try using next time you cook. We assure you that it’ll help you become much healthier without any setbacks when it comes to taste and consistency.

Burger Patties Made with Plants

The burger is a staple American food, and we have statistics to back that. It’s estimated that Americans consume two burgers every day, all of which lead to a staggering amount of burgers consumed every year: almost 50 billion burgers! That’s a lot of calories and fat consumed every year. It has led to the belief that burgers are one of the primary reasons so many Americans are obese. There isn’t definitive research to back this yet, but it’s safe to say that the fat and calories from our burgers are indeed a problem. This is why you should start trying out vegetable burgers.

vegan burger

No, we don’t mean burgers that use only lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. We’re talking about the patty being made from plants. You might think it sounds disgusting, but Burger King’s meatless whopper consumers say that it tastes exactly like its meat counterpart. You have two ways you can do this. It’s either your purchase vegetable patties from the grocery store or you make it yourself. Impossible foods are making these patties daily, and you can order them fresh or cooked.

If you want to make it yourself, various food blogs can teach you how to make your vegetable patties. Trust us. It’s a much healthier way to consume one of our most beloved foods without feeling so guilty about it. It’s great if you want to lose weight too!

Better Protein for Our Workouts

Let’s be honest here, the majority of us are working out either once or thrice a week. We visit the gym and do our exercise regime like usual. But sometimes, it feels like we’re not doing enough. Sometimes it feels like the exercise we’ve been doing for many months is still beating us. This is because of our diet. We lack the necessary protein for our muscles to repair themselves quickly enough.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this: a protein called micellar casein. What exactly is this micellar casein, and what does it do in our bodies? This particular protein takes much longer to digest, which means that it’s around when your body starts consuming muscles to feed itself. This then leads to much healthier muscle growth. It has been found that micellar casein can help prevent muscle breakdown, especially for many people on a serious diet. So next time you drink your protein shake makes sure it has this particular ingredient.

Healthier Sugars

jar of honey

We love desserts, but it can’t be helped to feel guilty every time we eat after a good meal, because as we know, sugars aren’t good for us. It’s also one of the main reasons why we grow fat and unhealthy. But don’t fret. There are alternatives to sugar that are all-natural. These ingredients are stevia, xylitol, and erythritol. These alternatives to sugars are either plant-based or alcohol-based. For example, xylitol is extracted from corn or Birchwood, and it’s known to have drastically way fewer calories than sugar.

On the other hand, stevia is plant-based and is known to be much sweeter than sugar but without calories. It’s been associated with helping with diabetes, weight reduction, and lessening the risk of cavities. So the next time you’re buying a sweetener, get these alternatives instead. If you’re out in a cafe, make sure that they have these healthier alternatives for you as well.

Goodbye Salt, Hello Healthy Cheese

The last part of this list is something that more chefs are doing lately in their dishes, replacing salt with cheese such as Parmesan and feta. Salt has been known to be one of the essential ingredients in any dish, and yet we usually tend to overestimate how much salt a dish needs. This is why professionals suggest using cheese such as Parmesan as healthier substitutes instead. This is because there is considerably less salt in cheese, and we only need a few grams for it to salt our food. And who doesn’t love cheese? It’s great!

Here are some healthy ingredients you can start using for your cooking and protein shakes. These ingredients will help you stay fit without feeling any serious setbacks. It can also make your food taste better. So give these alternatives a try, and taste the difference yourself.

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