The emergence of new variants of the virus caused a recent surge in cases across the country. This highlighted the importance of staying healthy and ensuring that a home is safe for the family during the pandemic.

The importance of a healthy home also means that homeowners should ensure they check their homes for potential risks to the health of the household members. This is particularly true if the household includes a person with comorbidities or babies and young children.

Aside from the virus, homeowners should also check for other hazards that exist inside the home. Here’s how homeowners can maintain a healthy home environment in the middle of a health crisis.

Be Wary About Hidden Hazards

Homeowners should check for hidden hazards that might be lurking on the walls, especially if they own an old house. Homes built before 1978 might have used lead-based paint since these paints were only banned that year for residential use. Homeowners should also check if their home uses asbestos since they were widely used before the 1980s.

They should keep in mind that these two materials can affect the health of the household members. Since they are challenging to detect, they should hire reliable contractors to check the home for these hidden hazards. Aside from checking the home, they can also install devices that can detect other health hazards in the home, such as carbon monoxide and radon.

Early detection of these health hazards is important to maintain the safety and health of the people living in the house. These professionals can also help improve the ventilation in the house. A properly ventilated home allows fresh air to enter to help reduce contaminants inside the home.

They can do this by modifying the position of the windows to allow the air to flow into the house. They can also install whole-house fans in strategic areas in the home.

Test the Quality of Indoor Air

Testing indoor air quality is also important, especially with the emergence of household products that emit toxic chemicals into the air. The pandemic compelled people to stay in their homes more often. This makes it important for them to check the air inside the house.

Researching the products homeowners use in their houses is not enough since the information is not easy to understand. So, it’s best to let professionals conduct the test to see if there are any issues in the house’s indoor air.

Even if the indoor air is fine, homeowners should use high-efficiency, particulate-absorbing (HEPA) filters in the house. These filters can help improve the quality of indoor air. They can remove contaminants and reduce the presence of viruses and allergens inside the house. These filters can help purify the air inside the house, which is good for anyone with health issues.

Inspect the Attic


Aside from the living room, bedroom, dining area, and kitchen, homeowners should also check the attic or basement if they have one. These places normally contain contaminants that can affect the health of the household.

For instance, homeowners should ensure the attic is free of mold, sealed properly, and insulated. An insulated attic prevents warm air from escaping the house, which can improve the home’s energy efficiency. It also makes the house comfortable to live in.

On the other hand, the basement might contain biological pollutants, especially if it is damp. Since water can seep into the basement during heavy rain, homeowners should make sure to check it if it becomes flooded. In these instances, they should clean it to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria in this area.

Clean the House Regularly

This is an obvious but necessary thing to do to maintain a healthy home environment for the household. Keeping the home clean is particularly important if pets are living inside the house. They should keep the home free of contaminants, such as dust since these can result in serious health problems for the household members.

When cleaning the house, homeowners should not focus on the visible areas of the house, such as the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. They should also work on the attic, basement, and crawl areas in the house. Additionally, they should look for signs of mold growth since these can cause serious health issues.

With the pandemic still far from over, homeowners should make sure to make their houses more livable, especially if they have people who might be susceptible to the virus living with them.

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