Going on a long road trip is a fun-filled activity when you’re with family and friends. But what happens if you have to bring the baby or your toddler wants to come with you?

Preparedness has never been more important when traveling, but when you’re traveling with an infant, you have to be organized, prepared, and alert at the same time. Babies have a lot of needs, depending on their age and current health. Traveling can also be stressful for infants, so they rarely go on long trips.

Going on trips with your child is one of the best memories you can give them. It offers a great opportunity to explore the world outside their home. Getting to travel also comes with health benefits and can also stimulate your child’s imagination and cognitive ability.

Traveling with an infant involves a lot of preparations. If you’re going on a beach trip, you may want to bring an infant hooded towel to ensure comfort and protection once they’re out of the water. For families going on long trips, parents can bring toys to keep their babies entertained throughout the journey.

Apart from these essentials, there still a few things to do to ensure a calm and quiet trip with an infant. To make the road trip is as smooth as possible, here are ways to survive a long-distance trip with an infant.

Breastfeeding and providing meals during a trip

Breastfeeding while traveling is a complicated task. You may have done it before during trips to the pediatrician or family gatherings, but breastfeeding on a long road trip can easily tire you out. If you’re having doubts about whether you can handle it, a reliable support system is something you need!

When going on a long trip, make sure to stay hydrated. Although drinking frequently means frequent restroom stops, you need enough fluid on your body to breastfeed the baby. Although some mothers can easily feed their babies while on the road, others prefer to do it in a non-moving vehicle. If you prefer to make multiple stops, plan it ahead of time to avoid wasting time.

For those bringing a breast pump, buy a car charger. If you are traveling with someone else, you can settle with baby bottles and use the pump later in a more private area. You can also wear nursing clothes to breastfeed or pump easily. Buy a nursing cover if breastfeeding outdoors bothers you.

Keeping the infant entertained

infant travel

A baby waking up from a long nap is surely ready to play, so make sure to have plenty of entertainment options in place. Toys can hold infants’ attention for long spans, especially if they haven’t seen them before. You can buy new ones at a local discount store or swap toys with someone you know.

Watching movies is another great option. If you’re letting the kids watch the TV for long hours at home, then it might be the best time to bend some rules. Pack a handful of movie tapes or digital copies if your car has an entertainment system. You can also store the tablet with children’s movies so they can watch a movie silently while at the back of the car.

Your list of options is endless if you’re planning a road trip activity for an infant. You can play children’s camp songs to keep the atmosphere lighter. Another choice is to play a child-friendly audiobook to keep them occupied. This is also a great way to make them sleep quickly. No need to bring bulky storybooks for a bedtime story!

Making the baby sleep during the trip

Making fussy infants sleep is tough. Getting our babies to sleep is likely every parent’s priority, especially during traveling.

Wraps serve as life-savers for traveling. Infants tend to get overwhelmed by outdoor noises and unfamiliar surroundings, so wrapping them with a soft fabric will comfort them.

Another tip is to drive during the hours when the infant normally sleeps. But experts warn not to let an infant sleep in the car seat for too long. When going on a long journey, make sure to stop for a while to stretch their legs and take a break.

Whether you’re going on a short or long journey, traveling with an infant is actually a pleasant and memorable experience. On your next trip, revisit this article to ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey with your baby. If you’re still hesitant to take the infant out for long trips, you can put off those travel plans until your child is old enough to travel.

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