There are many things that you can do to keep your home safe. The most effective strategy to maintain your property is to perform preventative maintenance regularly because it will help you identify any potential hazards before they become a significant problem.

From washing down the walls, caulking up any cracks or peeling paint, to checking for termites or other bugs in your house- there is no better way than routine maintenance to keep your home safe and on top of its game. Here are a few things you should be checking off your list every month.

Kitchen and Bathroom Caulking

One of the essential preventative maintenance practices is to ensure no cracks or openings around the sink, tub, or shower. These can be places where harmful substances like mold or mildew can accumulate and cause health problems for your family, especially if you have children. Check behind the toilet, too, to make sure that there are no openings around the pipes.

Check for water damage on any wood-like surfaces like cabinets or floors. If they start to warp or discolor, you might need to replace them. It’s also essential to make sure any grout is sealed up because this will help cut down on any moisture buildups in the future.

Roof Maintenance

Oversee your roof about once a month during the winter & early springtime seasons. It will allow you to take note of any gutters that might be clogged up with leaves or that are about to fall off, loose shingles on the roof, and any other potential hazards.

Take a look at your gutters to make sure they’re not blocked by debris which can cause overflows if they aren’t draining properly. You should also make a note of how much water is in the rain gutters after a rainstorm; this will let you know if there’s room for more water drainage.

A stormwater pollution and prevention plan, or SWPPP, is essential to reduce the risk of water damage to your home and property caused by clogged gutters. Keep in mind that overgrown foliage around your roof should be trimmed back, which will help it drain properly.

Home Exterior

home exterior

It is essential to check on the condition of your yard for potential fall hazards like exposed tree roots or loose stones, as these can cause you to trip and break a bone if they are not fixed. Check for cracks in sidewalks & driveways & gravel patches- replacing them now can prevent serious injuries later.

If you have children, inspect any fences or outdoor playsets that they might use; you never know what parts might be missing screws or bolts. Outdoor power equipment like lawnmowers needs routine maintenance, so check that everything is running smoothly and that the blades are sharp.


As the weather starts to turn toward fall, make sure your downspouts are clear of blockages as this will prevent any damage from overflowing water, especially if there’s a heavy downpour during a storm. And finish up by winterizing your house, insulating any air ducts & pipes, and making sure heaters and furnaces work correctly to avoid freezing or catching fire.

Suppose you’re looking for other options beyond regular maintenance. In that case, you should know that many homeowners choose to buy home insurance policies designed specifically for those who own property in areas that experience severe weather conditions- like hurricanes or blizzards. There are also certain types of home insurance policies specifically suited for those who live on a flood plain or own expensive items that may be at risk in the event of damage.


Especially if you have pets, you should be keeping up with the condition of your dryer ducts monthly. Not only can pet dander build up in them, but lint too- both are flammable and pose a fire risk. It’s also essential to make sure that grills & oven vents are clear of any buildup- an intense fire can result in a house fire if the ventilation system is compromised.

When it comes to your HVAC unit, you should be checking that the air vents are correctly connected; there should never be any kinks or blockages. It’s also essential to clean out your filter regularly.

Now that you know some of the best ways to keep your home safe through regular maintenance, it’s important to remember this article so that you can take the necessary steps to protect your home. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back later, and be sure to share it with your friends and family who might find it helpful too.

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