Simply being in nature and the great outdoors can be healing for the mind, body, and soul. But since not everyone has the luxury of heading outside the city every weekend to breathe some fresh air, why not bring the outdoors inside your home? With a bit of organization, fresh air and sunshine can be brought to any living space.

Creating a sanctuary for healing in your home can promote health and well-being. This can be a physical space, such as a room or corner of a room, or it can be an energetic space, created by filling your home with positive energy. Having such a space is beneficial not only to you but also to your entire family.

How to Create a Personal Sanctuary for Health and Healing

Creating a physical sanctuary is as easy as making an inviting, peaceful, and calming corner of your living space. An ideal spot for this would be a quiet corner of your bedroom or living room where you can enjoy some peace and relaxation after a long day. But it could also be in your backyard, where you can soak in some sunlight and fresh air while you’re relaxing.

Here are some tips to create a physical sanctuary:

  • Add a comfy chair, ottoman, or bean bag so you can relax in comfort
  • Hang some calming pictures or paintings to add a sense of tranquil beauty to the area
  • Light some soothing candles or incense to add an aromatic touch to this area
  • Leave out some books you want to read, or games you’d like to play
  • Add some mood lighting to create a heightened sense of relaxation
  • Fill the area with nice smelling plants to add a fresh touch to the space
  • If outside, you should contact an awning provider to install some on your patio to keep you and your sanctuary protected from the sun or rain
  • Add a small table for a drink and a snack, in case you get hungry
  • Finally, add some plants to this space, preferably plants that can survive in the confines of your living space. This will help purify the air and help you breathe easier.

How to Enhance a Healthy Home with Energetic Energy


What’s on your mind most of the time? For some, it might be work, school, friends, and family. For others, they’re always thinking about positive thoughts and their plans for the future. Whatever it is, chances are that there’s a lot of clutter in your thoughts and you could benefit from clearing some of it out.

This is where creating an energetic space can help. When your mind is cluttered, it’s hard to focus and find a sense of clarity. By decluttering your thoughts and surrounding yourself with only the things or people you want around you, you can create a space that improves your health and well-being.

Teaching your kids how to clear out their minds can also benefit them in the future. Imagine how beneficial it will be for your kids to practice keeping only the positive things on their minds instead of allowing negative thoughts to take over their hearts and minds.

Here are some tips for clearing out energetic clutter:

  • Declutter your mind and thoughts by focusing on one thing that you’re grateful for
  • Declutter your phone and emails by removing contacts and apps you don’t often use
  • Declutter your living space by removing unnecessary clutter

If your home or living space has a cluttered feel or you have many items packed in the space, it will be hard to breathe properly and maintain a sense of clarity. For those who enjoy feng shui, placing some objects that represent positive energy can help fill this space with thoughts of positivity and joy.

How to Lead a Sustainable Household

While you’re busy creating a sanctuary in your home, why not make it an environmentally-friendly one? Some items you could get rid of are non-organic food, unused chemicals, and cleaning products that aren’t safe for pets or kids. You can find many organic alternatives that are safer and better for the environment.

Since the world is already suffering from problems like global warming, deforestation, and pollution, you can help better the planet by embracing sustainable living practices. Not only will this feel good for you, but it will feel amazing knowing that you’re doing something great for the environment and your planet.

Creating a sanctuary for health and healing in your home can have many benefits for your whole family’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By adding some simple touches like comfortable seating, calming pictures or paintings, mood lighting, or nice-smelling plants, you can create an oasis of peace that supports your health and helps you rejuvenate after a long day.

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