It’s been months since you gave birth and you’re still nursing those extra pounds. No matter how hard you try to exercise, eat healthily, and get as much sleep as you can, you’re still not losing weight. How can one deal with such a dilemma?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your new body. For but some people, they feel and look more confident if they can achieve their fitness goals. For new mommas who feel like they could use a bit of help to shed some of the weight they gained during pregnancy, here are a few evidence-based strategies you can try.

Lessen Your Sugar Intake

It is so easy to say yes to sugary pick-me-up snacks. This is especially true when you barely have enough time to prepare food and your baby keeps you on your feet. But then, cutting your sugar intake can make a big difference.

Adopting healthy habits are crucial to weight loss. But then, it is also realistic to quit one habit at a time. This is so you can build habits that are healthier for your waistline.

According to experts, most adults in the U.S. get up to 15% of their calories from added sugars. This means most Americans actually intake more sugars than the healthy recommended amount. You can reduce your added sugar intake by sticking to natural, nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables.

Walk with Your Baby More Often

It can be physically draining to care for a baby. But taking more time to go for walks and taking your baby with you can do wonders to both you and your baby’s health and your weight. His added weight will only increase the benefits.

For best results, carry your baby in a carrier and walk backwards or in a zigzag pattern. You can run some errands with your baby in a front pack and pump up your power walk. This is possibly the simplest way you can keep yourself moving after having your baby.

Consider CoolSculpting

If your goal is to once again accentuate your curves, then you can consider fat freezing treatment, CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis. This is one non-invasive fat loss treatment that can help target your unwanted bits. In as little as two treatments, you can already enjoy visible results.

The best thing about CoolSculpting is that you can undergo such a procedure in as little as six months after you stopped breastfeeding. This is to give your body enough time to fully recover. With this targeted fat loss treatment, regular exercise, and the right diet plan, you can enjoy long-lasting results.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

drinking water

One early sign that you are drinking too much water is when you experience bloating. But then, most women who recently gave birth can easily be dehydrated if they don’t drink enough water each day. This is since when you breastfeed, you need more water to make breast milk.

Staying hydrated can boost your concentration, energy, and strength. It makes daily function an easier task despite the added responsibility of taking care of your newborn. Another reason to stay hydrated is for you to benefit from its weight loss benefits.

Numerous studies agree that adequate hydration can support weight loss. For one, many people often think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. If you keep yourself hydrated, you can curb unnecessary snacking.

Water also helps in reducing waste buildup inside the body. This helps keep wastes moving while retaining the essential nutrients and electrolytes. Without retained waste, you can avoid adding in unnecessary pounds.

Also, water is crucial in burning stored fat. Without water, the body will have a hard time metabolizing fat. With increased water intake and the body’s ability to metabolize fat, you can easily burn fat and trim down your waistline.

Eat Well and Healthy

Instead of grabbing another bar of donuts, your favorite chocolate or your leftover pizza from last night, starting eating healthy and nutritious foods. Go for oatmeal or low-fat yogurt with dried fruits. Snack on cut-up fruits and vegetables and high-fiber cereal if you need an energy booster in the middle of the day.

If you are still breastfeeding, continue what you used to eat during your pregnancy. Think of chicken soup, dates, apples, and eggs. Beans, seeds, nuts, and foods rich in Zinc, Vitamin C, and selenium are always good for you.

If you are worried if your body will ever be the same again, know that you are not alone. Many mothers have the same dilemma. Know that no two mothers are the same. Some can easily shed their pregnancy weight while others have their belly fats sticking for quite a while. Know that it can take some time before you can see progress despite you eating healthy, staying hydrated, and active. Avoid the temptation of comparing yourself with others and reach out to a pro if you really need some help.

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