There have been many warnings about drinking and driving but there are still people who persist in it. In 2016, more than a million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. While not all of them were because of alcohol, Even a small account of alcohol in your system can make trouble for you when you are stopped by the police.

Even just one DUI arrest can have a massive effect on your life, especially financially. If you do have to face one, don’t panic. With the right approach, you should be able to handle the consequences of a DUI arrest.

Be Cooperative During the Arrest

Reducing the damage of a DUI on your permanent record starts with your arrest. If you still have some presence of mind, you should always aim to cooperate with the police. Always be polite and respectful with the office, which should be part of any dealings with the police. This means giving the information and documents requested. But don’t volunteer anything. It is a good idea to shut up and wait for a lawyer when you get arrested.

Always Get a Lawyer

Some people think of DUI arrests as open-and-shut cases. The general idea that you may have is you get arrested, booked, and then sentenced. But it can get more complex than that and the law might add charges or make things difficult for you. To avoid all the potential problems, you should have a legal advocate helping you out.

Look for a lawyer who has solid experience with DUIs so that they can help you. If possible, they might arrange for a lesser punishment or something similar so that you won’t have to deal with a harsh fine or sentence.

Consider Contacting a Bail Bondsman

An arrest means time in jail. No one wants that to happen to them so many people will often pay for bail. But that can get expensive, even if you get your money back when you attend court. A much better move would be to contact a bail bondsman. They can offer you a bail bond for a small fee. This is a much better approach than paying for it directly. Simply use the bond and attend the trial. You’ll only have to pay a fraction of the bail to get results.

Think About Making a Plea

in court

Trials are expensive and the local government can be tight on money. You can use this to your advantage by proposing a plea deal through your attorney. They will likely also suggest this approach since it removes a lot of the risks that a trial might have for you. The prosecutor will also be happy to agree since it quickly resolves the case, saving a lot of time and money for the local government. Many of these plea deals involve a lesser form of punishment like community service or something similar.

Complete All the Court’s Requirements Quickly

Once you have been sentenced, then you need to be strict about it. For example, if you are required to do a week’s community service, then you should be attending those community sessions completely. Some sentences also require attending classes and getting certifications. If that is needed then you should be doing your best to get them.

If you are lucky, you will only have to pay some fines and you to do it as soon as possible. When you’ve discharged all your responsibilities to the local court, then you should contact the authorities so that you can get certification that you have paid your debt to society.

Deal With Your DUI Record

Unless your lawyer managed to prevent the DUI from going into your record, you will feel the effects of it in your life. Two notable ones are with your insurance and your employment chances. Your insurance will likely go up because the insurance companies will think that you are high risk when it comes to accidents. They might even refuse to give you insurance.

This is where contacting a high-risk auto insurance agent would be helpful. Besides that, potential employers will be doing background checks. This might reveal your DUI record so you should be upfront about having it on your record.

A DUI on your record is not the end of the world. With some effort, you can get over it to lead a life with no problems. The advice above should be a big help. But you have to remember that a DUI is a warning. You need to turn your life around afterward or your efforts would be wasted.

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