Having a relationship with nature can be the healthiest thing a person can do. This is when you decide to plant a seed and help it grow. You get attached to your plants just the way you care for your children. But this also means you cannot stay away from your plants for a single day without worrying about who will water them or how they will get protection from excessive sunlight.

However, everyone needs a vacation now and then. You deserve it after the year-round of hard work. But planning a vacation is not as easy for a gardener. You wouldn’t only have to plan your hotel reservations and transportation, but also about how can you get your garden growing when you’re away. To make things easier and more organized for you, here’s a checklist that might help you in making sure you do not make any mistake that might result in a disastrous sight of your garden on your return.

 Look for a Reliable Caretaker.

Find yourself a reliable and trusted nature lover who can take care of your garden while you’re away. Make sure that person loves nature as much as you do because plants can only be grown with love and affection. Also, make sure you provide them with every important detail and water schedule for your plants.

Mulch your beds.

A caretaker can surely take care of your garden, but you should also take preventive measures just in case. To prevent your plants from drying out, put a good thick layer of mulch around them. Get organic mulch that can include pine needles or shredded leaves, and avoid wood chippings or tree barks.

Potted plants get in the shade.

Make sure you put your potted plants in the shade to protect them from excessive sunlight so that they don’t dry out.

Harvest before you go.

fresh tomatoes

Be in charge of the harvest if you have fruits or vegetables growing in your garden. If the season for harvesting is approaching, it is better to pluck any fruit or vegetable or herbs and freeze them or take them with you for your trip. Otherwise, it’ll be left to rot when you’re away.

Consider not mowing your garden.

If you’ll be away for a hot season, it is advised to not mow down the grass, as longer grass can survive better in hot weather. Do soak the grass in an ample amount of water to prevent it from drying out.

Get rid of weeds.

Weeds can be your biggest enemy to deal with when going for a vacation. It can be the reason for your plants to get deprived of water or nutrients. This is why you should get rid of those weeds before leaving.

Keep your pets away.

When leaving for your vacation, make sure you have enough fencing around your garden to keep the animals away. Dogs can often damage your plantation.

You can always send your dogs away beforehand through dog transport services. They will transport your dog to the venue in a hassle-free way so that you can manage your garden without any interruption from your pets.


Make sure you get rid of any leave or flower that is spoiled. Skipping this part can cause plant disease to spread when you’re away. It is important to prune any dead parts of your plants or a dead flower.

Avoid using fertilizers.

Fertilizers are not considered to be thoughtful. It can take an excessive amount of water and deprive your plants. Fertilizers also can be a reason for the growth of weed if you’re away for a long time.

Clear your gutter lines.

Improving your garden also includes predicting any weather conditions and act accordingly. If it’s going to rain when you’re away, make sure you get your drainage system cleaned to avoid the excessive water from staying and spreading diseases. Sprinkling iron phosphate pellets can help in keeping slugs and snails away from your garden.

Even when you take every preventive measure existing in this world, there still can be a few damages to your garden if you’re away for a long while. Just like humans, plants do get attached to their owners. The way you can love your plants can never be replaced by anyone else. There might be a few dead leaves or a few adventurous weeds growing. But if you’ve taken enough preventive measures, the damage wouldn’t be overwhelming, and you can always restore your plantation with enough care. Therefore, relax and enjoy your vacation.

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