Stress can take its toll on your mental health. This is especially true if you don’t engage in any de-stressing activities. Some prefer going out and doing retail therapy. Others find peace in doing simple handicrafts or DIY home projects. Stress-relieving activities don’t need to be expensive. Studies show that time spent on DIY projects can become an outlet to de-stress and increase productivity for battling depression. Many small home repairs or renovations make managing stress easier.

Bedroom makeover

Redecorating your room can be a tool to release stress. The things that surround you affect your overall mood. If your bedroom feels too cluttered, why not remove stuff you no longer need or donate it to Goodwill? This can make you feel like you are carrying and holding onto things that you no longer need or use. You will feel lighter by letting go of things that physically clutter your room.

If you feel like postponing your room makeover due to budget constraints, remember that makeovers don’t need to be grand. You can opt to put some affordable succulents near your windowsill to create a sense of being closer to nature. Repainting your room is also a nice touch. If painting is too tedious and expensive for you, putting colorful tapestries can also do the trick. Tapestries are incredibly cheap and easy to find. You can also install a fresh set of curtains for a nice change of view if repainting is not possible at the moment.

Closet overhaul

After a nice room makeover, the next thing you want to do is sort your clothes. When decluttering your closet, segregate the clothes you haven’t worn in the past three months. These clothes can also go to your Goodwill box because it is counterproductive storing clothes you no longer wear.

After sorting out the ones that need to go, it’s now time to organize them back into your closet. There are many ways to do this. You can sort your clothes by color or by season. You can either hang or fold your clothes neatly. If you want, you can also install small drawers for stuff you rarely use but still need. Storing clothes haphazardly can feel like you are just dumping your clothes in one place.

Reorganizing your bathroom

Bathroom makeovers are just as exciting as bedroom makeovers. It might sound weird, but there are actually people who find sitting idly on the toilet as their safe space. If you have long neglected cleaning your bathroom tiles, now might be the best time to regrout. You can also choose to repaint your bathroom walls and install small shelves where you can store toiletries.

If your bathroom mirror has become too foggy or dirty, you can easily replace this after a quick visit to your favorite department store. You can cap off your bathroom project by having a new bidet installation for your bowl. This can also be DIY, but if you can hire a skilled plumber if you want. You might think bidets are expensive, but there are many products that can suit your budget and add beauty to your bathroom.

DIY light fixtures

Amazing Mediterranean home at twilight with patio and open french doors

If you want to add some flair to your lighting fixtures, there are many DIY projects you can take on. DIY rustic light fixtures are incredibly popular nowadays. You can place this literally anywhere in your house to set mellow and relaxing moods. Replacing your bathroom lights with DIY rustic light fixtures that you can enjoy while taking a hot shower or bubble bath is a chic idea.

You don’t need to have crazy engineering skills to do this. Many tutorials are already on YouTube, and this project will cost you a hundred dollars or less.

Floating shelves

There are many spaces inside your house where you can install floating shelves. You can have them set up at the corners of your room, or even in your kitchen. These shelves not only make the overall appearance of your home more pleasing; it also adds functionality.

Floating shelves can effectively help organize your clutter and add storage space. From placing small succulents to having a small bookshelf, floating shelves add life to your living space.

Doing DIY projects can provide you with a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. It can also help you kick-start a new hobby that can effectively manage anxiety and depression. Performing projects and hobbies that give you pleasure will help release much-needed happy hormones to promote better mental health.

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