We always think of our home as our safe haven. But sometimes, there are dangers lurking in our home that can threaten the safety and health of our loved ones. Poisonous chemicals, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses are just some of the hazards that may be present in our homes, but which we are probably not aware of.

Fortunately, there are ways to counter the dangers brought on by these things. Below are some of them.

Keep Your HVAC System Well-Maintained

Your HVAC system does more than just keep the temperature of your home within a desirable level. Apart from providing thermal comfort, this system is also responsible for maintaining the quality of the air in the home. Apparently, when the air is free from toxins and harmful organisms, the people inside the home will be healthier and happier. Sometimes, though, the HVAC system can malfunction, or they can accumulate too much debris and dust in their pipes and filters.

When this happens, the HVAC system may not only fail in giving the right temperature but also fall short in keeping pollutants and harmful toxins away from the home, thereby endangering the health of the people living within. To prevent this from happening, regular maintenance of the HVAC unit is a must. Since HVACs are extremely complex systems, regular maintenance must be done only by a licensed licensed HVAC technician.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide can sometimes leak from improperly ventilated appliances. Since CO is odorless and colorless, people may not readily detect any leak of this harmful gas. CO is highly poisonous. It can lead to serious tissue damage and worst, death. To prevent such risks in the home, you can purchase CO detectors and have them installed in your home. These mechanisms can warn you of any possible leaks, helping you and your family to get to safety in time.

Invest in Smoke Detectors

Apart from CO detectors, installing a smoke detector in your home is also a wise choice. Smoke detectors are fire protection devices. They can sense the presence of smoke, which can be an indication of fire. When a smoke is picked up by the smoke alarm’s sensors, the device will sound a warning that will let the occupants of the home be aware of the danger.

Put Flood Detectors in Place

Sometimes, water leaks can happen in homes without the owner realizing it for quite some time. Water leaks can lead to mold and mildew formation, which can be detrimental to people’s health. Molds can cause skin problems, respiratory problems, and many more health issues. Hence, water leaks should be immediately taken care of before they become worse.

Flood detectors or water leak alarms are great devices for keeping leaks at bay. They signal an alarm if they sense any sign of leak in their water pipelines. Apart from keeping your family safe and healthy, they also help make sure that you will not be paying higher water bills.

Cook Only Beneficial Food

One of the many ways to keep your home a safe haven for your family is to serve only nutritious food to your family members. You do not have to go vegan in order to do this. You only have to know which foods can be harmful to health and which ones are perfect for giving your family a healthy living.

Eating healthy foods should always be recommended. Eating a healthy diet can guard the body against harmful diseases.  It keeps the body away from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Obesity, and some types of skeletal conditions.

Refrain from Smoking

Smoking can put you and your other family members at risk. Smoking has been found to cause certain diseases in people, including lung cancer, erectile and sexual dysfunction, emphysema, throat cancer, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more.

Even if you don’t smoke, you and your family members may be at risk if you allow visitors to smoke while they are inside your home. Second-hand smoke is highly dangerous. It can cause numerous health problems in children, infants, and even adults. It may even cause sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.

It pays to be wary of everything that we put inside our home. It also pays to be cautious in integrating any designs and fixtures into our home’s interiors. Sometimes, certain designs and fixtures may lead to falls and other types of accidents, which can be fatal to your loved ones. Make sure that when building or renovating a home, you only integrate designs that provide safety to you and your entire family.

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