The history between dogs and humans have come a long way. Dogs are no longer limited to their roles as hunters, herders, and guards. They are now members of the family and the star of your social media accounts.

Dogs provide you with comfort after a long day at work. They take your social cues and give you their furry body to lean on during the more difficult times in your life. Reading people is easy for dogs after centuries of partnership. It is innate for them to make their humans feel better. As a matter of fact, dogs will only let you be during your crying spell when they, themselves, are too stressed and saddened about the situation.

As puppies, they require the level of attention you would give to a child. They need time to acclimate themselves into their new home. They need an opportunity to connect with their fur-parents. Some companies understand this phase, so they give out “Pawternity Leave” for new fur-parents in their team. They are, truly, the kids of today.

Here are ways how dogs are treated like kids:

  1. They go to nursery school.

Years ago, you wouldn’t have imagined yourself dropping off your kid to school, but here you are now, saying goodbye to your baby in all his fluffy glory.

There’s a puppy school in Utah where the training programs are designed specifically by Michael Ellis, one of the top dog trainers in the world. Puppy schools are supposed to use positive reinforcement and reward-based systems as your fur babies go through the training they need—from obedience training to service dog training.

Like nursery school, learning should feel like playing. If you were to enroll your fur baby into a training school, make sure you check the testimonials of other fur-parents on the techniques and treatments used to incite discipline to their dogs.

  1. They hold and attend birthday parties.

Not only kids get to have a party hat and cake on their birthday.

Celebrating the birthday of your fur baby requires the presence of family members and other fur babies around. There are options now of visiting a dog-friendly restaurant or organizing a party at home. Whichever your choice is, one thing you shouldn’t miss out on is the pupcake. Pupcakes are available when you check the dog menu of a dog-friendly restaurant. You can also order one online or bake your own using pre-prepared mixes that are safe for dogs if you were to celebrate at home. For sure, your fur baby will consider it a treat.

And what’s a birthday without the good birthday boy/girl smiling for the camera with the streamers behind him/her?

  1. They travel with you.

Sleeping beagle on the couch

Instagram-worthy photos of your dog? Check.

It’s not new to see photos of dogs on a hiking trip with their owners. Some would even hop on the surfboard with their fur-parent and ride the waves. Before you take your fur baby in an adventure, make sure he or she is already trained. Start bringing your dogs to short trips, like the grocery, and observe his/her temperament. See if your dog is meant for road travel.

Some airlines now allow small dogs to be brought in a carrier if they can fit under the seat in front of you. Also, there is a dog-only airline in which they are placed inside the main cabin instead of the plane’s cargo area. Having a vacation with your fur baby is becoming convenient.

There’s nothing like a dog’s presence in the household. Their wagging tail and undying affection anchor you to a happier life, never mind the sleepless nights spent nursing them as crying fur babies.

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