There’s no blaming children when they throw tantrums because they miss the great outdoors. If you’re honest with yourself, you do, too. It’s just that enjoying a few days of vacation is not worth the risk to your family’s health.

When distance learning and quarantining begins to rub off on you and your children, there’s only one solution: bring the excitement of the great outdoors to your home. At this stage in the pandemic, thinking up of ways to change things up in your routine is a matter of maintaining your mental health. By enabling your children to have their fun at home, you also give yourself the reprieve you need from child-rearing challenges.

Treehouses are always fun

You enjoyed it when you were young, so why shouldn’t they? Treehouses never lose their allure both to children and to adults. The very act of building one is a great way to bond in your backyard, far from the computers and gadgets that dominate your day.

To make your treehouse more exciting, look up ideas on the internet about bridges and obstacles. Use only reliable tools and materials and seek professional help when due.

Exterior plywood is excellent for your walls and flooring as it is durable enough to withstand moisture and twisting. Use shingles for the roof and incline it at 30 to 50 degrees to keep the rain and the snow from weighing it down.

Amplify the thrill by using Callaway ropes to create features like bridges, swing sets, and easy obstacle courses. The next time your children want to spend time with nature, they can easily do so from the comfort of their own treehouse.

Competitions always work

Nothing beats the excitement of participating in a competition, especially one that guarantees a reward. Why not divide your family into two teams and see who can make the better greenhouse? Put up another coveted reward for the team that manages to grow the biggest or healthiest vegetable crop.

It’s a good motivation to get you and your children working in the garden and spending time outdoors. If you think planting and maintaining crops is easy, then you’re in for a surprise. You’ll find you and your family are catching your breaths and sweating like crazy after each visit to the garden.

The fun thing about this kind of competition is that it will last for months, which means you’ll all be eager to toil away in your garden for that long. Get other family and friends to judge and sponsor the reward. With the way the pandemic is progressing, you may not be able to see each other in person for a while. Having these kinds of family activities not only brings you closer to nature but also your loved ones.

house in tree

Home Improvements always refresh

When the treehouse is done and you’ve named the winner of your competition, the only thing left to do is to turn your home into a natural haven. Adding biophilic elements to your house not only increases its appeal; it also helps everyone manage their stress levels.

This is particularly true for children because they may be less aware and articulate about their feelings. Adding a touch of nature to your house’s high traffic areas and their bedrooms can make them feel more relaxed. The lesser their stress, the easier it will be for them to cope with distance learning and spending so much time at home.

Involve them in any renovation you’ll do and give them the freedom to choose their bedrooms’ design. You can even introduce an aquarium or assign them their own succulents. Placing a mini fountain in your corridor or at the entrance to your backyard adds another natural element that they’ll definitely enjoy.

Cherish the Experience

The coronavirus era might’ve changed people’s lifestyles for good, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be as fun and exciting as it used to be. Cherish the experience of doing these activities with your children because they’re more likely to enjoy it when you do. Who thought that a simple treehouse, a friendly competition, and some home improvements would suffice for a great outdoor adventure, right?

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