When it comes to the best ways to cut your energy usage and save money on your electric bill, most people think that there are too many changes that they can make. However, most of those changes are simple and inexpensive!

The following tips will help you make your home more energy efficient with little cost and effort:

1. Use Carpet for Warm Floors

One of the best ways to save energy in the winter is to install warm flooring. Installing an area rug will also help with this. You want it thick enough that it insulates your feet without requiring too much padding under it. Check out a local secondhand store if you don’t want to invest in a new one.

2. Cover Your Windows

Caulking or covering your windows will help keep the heat in. It will make a significant difference during the winter but can also save you money on air conditioning in the summer.

With custom-made roman blinds, you can easily close your blinds and keep the heat out. This will save you money and also help the environment!

3. Plug Up Energy Leaks

Plugging energy leaks can be done on the cheap! Just buy some foam insulation and cover any areas where heat is escaping.

It’s also smart to seal up exterior doors with weather-stripping to keep your home insulated. While this may seem like a minor change, it will make a big difference!

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can be used for heating and cooling your home. You will save money on energy if you set your thermostat and let it kick on at certain times (when nobody is home or when everyone is asleep).

You can also adjust the temperature throughout the day depending on how often you are around during the week.

5. Keep Your Home Clean!

An easy way to lower your electric bill is to keep your air filter clean! By cleaning out the dirt in your air filters, you allow them to do their job of keeping dust particles from being circulated throughout the house.

A clean filter means less electricity usage because it doesn’t create as much energy to cool down your home.

6. Install a Programmable Water Heater

Installing a programmable heater for your water is one of the most important ways to save energy in the summer and winter months.

You can set it to lower temperatures when you are at work, at school, or asleep. It will ensure that your water isn’t being heated during these times, and you’ll still have hot showers when you want them!

7. Heat Your Pipes with a Space Heater

In the winter, when your home is cold, turn on a space heater in one area of the house where the water pipes run through to keep warm!

This will decrease how much electricity your heating system uses up by not having to heat as many rooms.

8. Don’t Burn Candles

An easy way to save energy is by not burning candles! You can use flameless candles or natural, fragrant candles (like beeswax).

This will conserve the wax you have, and your house won’t be filled with smoke. Just make sure to always burn them in a glass holder, so they last longer.

9. Turn Off Electronics

This may seem simple, but it is beneficial! If you aren’t using an appliance or electronic device, turn it off. By doing so, you decrease the amount of electricity being used by your home and save money on your electric bill.

10. Wash Clothes in Cold Water


You can lower your energy bill by washing clothes in cold water! When you need a hot shower to warm up, wait until after a load of laundry has been done to take a hot one.

This will ensure that while you’re taking a hot shower, the water isn’t going down the drain while your clothes are washing.

11. Hang-Dry Your Clothes

Instead of turning on the dryer when drying off from a shower or a load of laundry, hang-dry your clothes instead.

This will decrease the amount of energy you use and also cut down your electric bill!

12. Use Energy Star Appliances

Lastly, make sure to purchase appliances that are ENERGY STAR rated. These appliances are designed to save on electricity usage and can even decrease how much waste is sent to landfills every year.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to saving money on energy usage! Hopefully, this article was helpful with some new ideas for you — good luck!

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