Design and aesthetics are major parts of owning a residential property, particularly a house. Homeowners tend to spend so much time and money to achieve the look that we want to have for our homes. There isn’t anything inherently wrong in doing so, but there are instances when we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

That is, a home is made up of more than its interior. Many homeowners are so preoccupied with interior design that they start neglecting the outside of their houses. As a result, the curb appeal – the attractiveness of our homes from the outside perspective – is negatively impacted.

It should be noted that curb appeal matters all the time, not just for when we’re planning to sell our current homes. Additionally, we don’t need to have a full-on renovation to improve the outward aesthetics of our home. Instead, we can focus on proper care and maintenance.

Here are three ways we can improve upon the look of our homes.

Invest in Greenery

Having shrubs, hedges, and trees on our properties is one of the best ways to improve our curb appeal. Greenery helps enhance the quality of air while simultaneously brightening up our homes.

Depending on the type of greenery we invest in, there’s another benefit to having them on the property. Gardening, for example, will result in edible rewards, while hedges boost our privacy.

Those of us who are considering getting multiple types of greenery should take the time to research or consult with professionals to know more about the proper care of the ones being installed on our lots. For example, tree saplings in Salt Lake City require fertilization like most greenery. When they’ve grown, they also need to be pruned like most plants to encourage growth.

By taking the time to learn about “the little things,” we’re fully investing in the growth and blossoming of any plant, tree, or flower that we put on our properties.

Repaint the Exterior

The exterior of our homes wears down quicker compared to anything we have indoors, considering it’s always exposed to the elements. Seeing chipped paint or stained walls on the house is never appealing, more so if it’s on the front of the house. There’s a possibility that it may give off the wrong vibe to others, a hint of how neglectful we are as homeowners.

Hence, there is a need to have the stains removed through power washing. If that isn’t possible, it’s about time that we paint it ourselves or fork out the extra cash to have professionals do it for us.

The front door also needs to get some loving alongside the exterior paint since it’s one of the first things people notice about our properties. Some people take the color approach and choose to paint it in a shade that’s a stark contrast to the rest of the exterior, while others opt for an intricate design on the wood. Regardless of our choice, we need to make sure that it’s always at its best state and free from stains and grime.

Improve the Metalware

house exterior

Perhaps the easiest thing to do on the list is to improve any metalware we have on the property. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the fence, house number, and mailboxes. While seemingly insignificant, these items can be detrimental to our curb appeal when they’re in terrible shapes.

Are they rusting or looking a little lackluster? There are some DIY tips that we can use to remove the rust and clean the metal. If it can’t be saved, it’s best to replace it with a new one that’s more durable to ensure that it will last a long time.

The same can be said for our mailboxes, regardless if they’re standing or attached to the wall. While we can paint it ourselves to cover up the blemishes, some are too difficult to hide.

One of the best things about improving the curb appeal is that, unlike some home improvements, we have the choice to do it ourselves or hire someone to do it for us. This way, it won’t be too harrowing to better the look of our homes.

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