For most individuals who are living in highrise buildings, apartments, and urban areas, rooftop gardens are a great way of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only will you have your own little sphere of nature in your humble abode, but it’s a great way of keeping yourself busy.

Not only do rooftop gardens look classy and a fun place to chill out with your friends, but you can see a good view of the city from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for a suitable amount of privacy, rooftop gardens are also a great way of ensuring that you won’t get any pets or pests gnawing on your plants. That is especially useful if you’re setting up a self-sufficient vegetable garden.

Factors to Consider

Before you do get a garden on your rooftop, it’s imperative to get everything in order. There’s a reason why most people would prefer having a garden in their yard, and it’s usually for the sake of convenience.

  • Flat Roof – Of course, some roofs will have a minimum pitch (how steep the roof can be) of around 0.5/12 to 1/12 so that water can at least funnel towards a gutter system. However, this isn’t necessarily the case for most roofs. If a roof has high walls close to the edges, this might cause ponding. Therefore, it’s always an excellent choice to have a proper drainage system. The last thing that you want is for your plants to get drowned by flooding.
  • Water-Proofed Roofing – Of course, having a garden somewhere means that you’ll need to water your plants. Most of the time, people will use a pail with a sprinkling spout or merely a bucket of water to water their plants. While these are viable and effective ways of ensuring that your plants are well-hydrated, this can lead to moisture and water seeping into your roof, especially for a roof that’s made of concrete. As such, it’s essential to have a roof that is water-proofed since water can easily damage much of a roof’s structure.
  • Sufficient Water Supply – Most of the time, people want their garden near the ground since there’s a near-limitless supply of water. But when you’re going to be taking care of your plants a rooftop, it’s crucial to prepare the right amount of water, unless you’re alright with hauling gallons of water from one floor to another. Typically, this isn’t a problem for apartments since there are water tanks that are usually placed close to the roof.

Beautifying Your Rooftop Garden

One of the main advantages of having a rooftop garden is that no one can tell you what you should be doing. Compared to have a garden in your yard, you can experiment, mix colours, themes, and lighting to your liking.

Now that you’ve prepared and ensured that your rooftop is in a viable condition for your plants, it’s time to start beautifying your rooftop garden.

Consider Where to Plant

Diversifying your garden can add flavour and a plethora of colours to your rooftop. As long as there’s a steady source of sunlight and water, you can plant shrubs, small trees, potted plants, and even ground covers in the form of grass. Your rooftop garden should be a mini-ecosystem itself.

Get the Vertical Look

Since you’re in a rooftop, you can start utilising structures, walls, and partitions of your roof to get a more vertical look. Having a ‘hanging’ garden vibe on your garden will make your roof more unique. Plants such as grapes and orchids make a beautiful addition to rooftop gardens since they love to crawl on walls and any vertical structure.

Do the Flooring

Woman Planting Container On Rooftop Garden

If you’re already placing time and effort in your rooftop garden, it doesn’t hurt to put in more effort on your flooring. It’s the right flooring that won’t just make your plants stand out, but it will make your rooftop garden sleeker and cleaner. Be sure to choose one that fits the climate and theme of your garden.

Sometimes, gardening can be messy, even if it’s on your rooftop. Having suitable flooring will ensure that you won’t get too much of a mess. Sometimes, gardeners will use wooden flooring since it can blend well with dirty. It’s also worth noting that having custom design work shirts when you’re gardening can minimise dirt stains.

Add Some Flowing Water

If there’s even more space available, ornamental waterfalls and foundations are a great way of adding even more appeal to your rooftop. These are a great way of adding a focal point where your guests can focus on one part of the roof.

There’s more to rooftop garden than what meets the eye. As long as you have the right tools, equipment, and plants, you won’t have to worry too much about planning. If needed, you can always ask for professional supervision from a home designer. Your garden is an extension of your personality, so mix colours, plant what you want, and experiment away. It’s all about having fun and getting into the groove of nurturing your plants.

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