Choosing a grain mill can be overwhelming, but this video takes the confusion out of the process. It focuses on electric grain mills, which save time and are convenient. Understanding the differences, e.g., stone mills vs. impact mills or how a mill liner affects the process, can help with these choices.

Some very powerful blenders can work.

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However, weaker blenders may struggle or even suffer damage. A dedicated grain mill is better as it can deal with more in one go.

An impact mill uses speed and power combined with metal in the device. It bursts the grains to create flour. Look for one with a good-sized hopper to collect milled grains.

Stone grind mills use the old-fashioned method of grinding the grains between stones. This is how windmills used to work (and still do in some places.) Check out reviews and testimonials to understand the longevity and maintenance requirements for stone mills.

Stone mills can take longer to grind grains. However, users get more control over the coarseness of a grain. Stone grind mills also don’t always come with containers for the finished product.

Take a look at many choices before committing. Find out which can take a mill liner as this can prolong the life of any grind mill. Each type has benefits and can be useful for beginners.

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