As people age, they start getting weaker. I’m sure you notice this, especially when you’re with your grandparents or someone over the age of 60. You’ll see that they can’t usually walk around for too long. At times, they even have a hard time hearing or seeing. They become more prone to many types of illnesses as well.

This is why it’s the family’s duty to prioritize their well-being. These are the years when they’ll need you the most.

However, for some senior citizens, they opt to stay in nursing homes. Why? Well, it may be because they have no one to care for them. And since there are a lot of things that they can’t do anymore, they end up having no choice but to leave home.

Now, I’m sure you wouldn’t want that for your family members. This is why you should know the things you can do to take care of them.

Why One Might Not Choose Nursing Homes

Usually, if one were to ask the elderly if they’d prefer moving to a nursing facility over staying at home, they would say no.


One reason is money. Like with everything else, it will cost a lot of money to move. Of course, you’re paying for the utilities and the housing itself. Not to mention, the supervision they provide 24/7.

Feeling of Detachment

Another factor is familiarity. Especially, if you’ve been living in the same neighborhood all your life. It’s impossible to not get attached to your surroundings. From your local grocery store to your favorite restaurants, and even your neighbors. And usually, the older generation has the tendency to resist change. They like things the way they are.

Sending them off to nursing homes may also cause them to become distant. Since we are so busy with our daily lives, we may not have the time to visit them as often as we’d like.

Consider Home Health Care

grandmother with a cane

This is why many people decide to go for other options, such as home health care. At least with this, they still get to be in the comfort of their own home with their loved ones.


Also, going back to the matters with regard to expenses, this is much more affordable. Since they’re staying at home, all the necessities are already there. The food, water, electricity, and all that. You’ll solely be spending money on the services that they provide.

Safety And Freedom

Another great thing about home health care is that your loved ones will have more safety and freedom. They can walk around, pick up a snack, or even watch whatever show they want while lying on the couch. Also, you’ll be more at ease knowing that they’re safe.

Things You Can Do

Professionals aren’t the only ones capable of providing care for the elderly. Of course, there are also some things you can do to improve the well-being of your loved ones.

Modify the Home

You may opt to make adjustments so that the house becomes more appropriate for them. One thing to consider is their bedroom. Usually, this is on the second floor. So you can try asking them if they’ll feel more comfortable sleeping downstairs. As a result, they won’t get tired from going up and down.

Another thing you may want to consider is having a smart thermostat installed. In that way, the temperature inside the home is always ideal, no matter what time of the day it is. You may even control this from your phone. So even if you’re away on, let’s say, a business trip to Provo, you won’t need to worry about them feeling too cold or too hot.

Provide Their Basic Needs

Providing their necessities could also be one. You can ask them what food they’d like to eat. Also, don’t forget to buy the ones that can help keep them healthy, such as vegetables, whole grains, and more. There are also fruit shakes and juices that you can buy in stores, or you can even make them at home.

Always Be Present

And probably the best thing you can provide, company. Simply being there and showing them that you care already helps keep them happy. You can spend time recalling your best memories with them, watching movies together, or creating a new dish. All these can strengthen your bond more.

Most of us are busy with our everyday lives, I understand. However, time doesn’t stop for anyone. We won’t get to be with our loved ones forever. So we should always see to it that we give them the utmost love and care.

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