Being a first-time parent can bring about a mixture of emotions. While there will always be the feeling of butterflies that you now have this tiny human in your life, the reality will set in that you know have a tiny human in your life. It’s easy to get carried away by your emotions because this is an entirely new thing for you.

As a parent, your first priority would be to keep your baby safe. Babies, as innocent and vulnerable as they are, can easily get into trouble. In fact, surprising hazards can start to pop up once your baby starts to crawl, walk and climb on things. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, babies can start to learn how to crawl when they are around six to ten months old. This is the time when you want to do a second sweep of baby proofing your house because your little bundle of joy will quickly grow into a curious toddler who is guaranteed to find their way in every nook and cranny of your home.

Even before you bring your baby home, you may want to do some renovations. Remember gone are the days when you can get away with the knick-knacks on the shelves and the wobbly furniture. You may have to ask your contractor for ideas on how to make your house baby safe. Find out how you can baby proof your home.

1. Baby Proofing your Living Room

The living room is considered to be the heart of the house where the family entertains guests and relaxes at the end of the day. Invest in a UL Listed Carbon Monoxide detector for all the floors of your home. It’s also advised that you install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers as well.

Appliances, such as a flat screen TV should be securely mounted to the wall and electrical cords must be hidden. You must also move wobbly lamps behind furniture. If you have a fireplace, be sure to place fireplace screens around them. Safety covers should be placed on electrical outlets.

Once the baby starts crawling independently, place baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.

2. Baby Proofing the Nursery

Your baby’s nursery is a sanctuary where you both will bond, so you must ensure that it is a safe and orderly place for the both of you. Make sure that the baby furniture, such as the dresser is securely fixed to the wall.

Non-skid rugs are a must in this room to protect yourself and the baby. Safety guards on the windows are an important feature to not overlook. It’s also important that you keep supplies such as baby wipes and diapers out of reach from the baby.


3. Baby Proofing the Bathroom

The bathroom is another place where accidents can occur. Showers and bathtubs can cause slippage, but that doesn’t stop your curious kids from getting into the bath or the shower. In order to avoid accidents such as these, try installing bathroom partitions.

In doing so, you will be able to prevent your kids from entering the bath unattended. Children also tend to climb out the windows and get stuck in them, install childproof locks in both the windows and doors. The dirty things like the toilet plunger and toilet brush tend to be very attractive to curious toddlers, so lock away these tools in a safe place until you need to use them.

4. Baby Proof your Kitchen

The kitchen is where you prepare your family’s meals, so you have to practice the proper protocols when it comes to hygiene and food handling. Babies love to throw food all over the place and try to eat them up soon after. Floors and kitchen countertops have to be cleaned with a non-toxic cleanser. Sharp kitchen utensils such as knives and forks must be kept under lock and key and out of reach from your grabby tot.

Cleaners and other cleaning chemicals must also be stowed away in hard to reach cabinets. If you have an oven, install stove knob covers and if possible cook food on the back burners.

Being a parent can be a crazy ride because you become responsible for the well-being of a human being. Getting the jitters is normal because oftentimes parenting is mainly making stuff up as you go. Enjoy the ride while they are young because time doesn’t stop for anyone. Before you know it, you will be helping baby-proofing their homes for your own grandkids.

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