When renovating their homes, few people think about their bedrooms. Since this crucial room is hidden from the public, most people will assume that its renovation is a waste. Renovating a bedroom does not mean expensive retrofits and constructions like in most rooms. You can inexpensively change your bedroom’s look by altering an element or two on your bed. This, after all, is the central piece of furniture in the bedroom and occupies the largest space.

The first thing for a new bedroom look is a new mattress in an American Fork-based store. This will mean firm support for your bed and make a square base for the support of other accessories on the bed. For the best-looking bed, one thing you should choose wisely is the pillow you use. Nowadays, a pillow or two on your bed is no longer enough if you want a luxurious look. It would help if you had different sizes for the pillows arranged creatively to make a design statement. The following is a guide to the pillow sizes that should be on your bed.

Standard Pillows

These measure 26 by 20 inches and will perfectly fit a standard-size pillowcase. A standard pillow is a basic sleeping one and will adequately support your neck and head. Based on its fill, the pillow works for almost all sleeping positions. In general, one standard pillow fits a twin mattress. Two will be perfect for a queen or full-size mattress while three suffice for king mattresses.

Queen Pillows

These are 20 by 30 inches. They are firmer than standard pillows but can still fit a standard pillowcase with some slack. Two queen pillows will perfectly suit a queen or full mattress. They are the perfect choices for those who toss and turn a lot in their sleep. This is because they have lots of room on either side of the head.

King Pillows

These are 20 by 36 inches in size and will fit king pillowcases. They are extra-long pillows that offer additional body support for pregnant women and those with joint and muscle pains. A pair of king pillows will make a perfect fit for a king-sized mattress. They are also ideal for twin beds for those who move around a lot in their sleep.

Body Pillows


These are 20 by 54 inches and will fit into body pillowcases. They are body length pillows that will perfectly fit virtually all body shapes. Body pillows are often used by pregnant mothers, side sleepers and people with joint pains.

European Pillows

These are 26 by 26 inches. They are primarily decorative pillows that introduce a luxury aura into your bedroom look. They particularly add an elegant style when placed against the headboard.

Buying pillows is not as easy as picking one that fits your budget. It would be best if you considered the above size alternatives to guarantee your pillow perfectly fits your mattress. The one you settle for should also match your sleeping style to ensure your comfort. The ideal pillow should keep the head well-aligned with your spine and the upper body and shoulders well-supported through the night.

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