Families are spending more time together due to the pandemic. While some families can cope with the added quality time with each other, some may find it unhealthy to spend too much time together. The easiest way out for some parents is to let the kids watch television the whole day. But there’s much more to family than staying glued to the screen day-in-day-out.

Here are some activities families can do together so they’ll feel more connected with each other.


Exercise is always a good way for you to remain healthy and fit. And exercising as a family is a good activity the family can do together. Besides improving your physical health, exercising is also good for your mental health, especially when it comes to children.

Taking a walk around the neighborhood when the weather permits is a good idea. But it’s still important to follow health protocols since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. This means you should stay at a safe distance from anyone who’s not a part of your household. Everyone should also wear a mask.

The important thing here is that all family members can exercise their muscles. Exercise also allows the children to improve their focus, which is essential if they’re going through remote learning. It can also lower stress levels in adults who may feel a lot of pressure from the work-from-home situation.

You can also opt to exercise in the back yard. The family can perform simple exercise routines together or play a soccer game. It doesn’t have to be strenuous. It’s more of getting everyone to stay fit together while waiting for the pandemic to end.

Read Books

dad and daughter

Reading books as a family is a good way to slow down the family’s pace of life. This is great for a family that’s always on the go. It allows them to take it easy for a bit and breathe. Apart from getting the chance to relax, reading books is great for children since it allows them to improve their vocabulary and enhance their thinking skills.

It also allows infants to develop their language skills faster. Studies have shown that babies’ brains prepare them to speak a few months before they utter their first words. This process is hastened when babies hear the language spoken to them.

For older children, reading can enhance their critical thinking skills when there is a back-and-forth interaction while reading the story. Adults can ask questions about the story or explain words the children cannot understand. But the important thing here is the family gets the chance to simply curl up in bed with a good book in hand.

Print Family Shirts

Another activity the family can do together is to make their shirts. They can buy plain white or plain-colored shirts and print designs they like. The children can also be creative and design the shirts they want to print.

If the family has a crest or logo, they can use an Insta graphic system to bring their family shirts to the next level. They can also print an official family shirt for everyone with the crest or logo. Additionally, they can take a family picture while wearing the shirts and print them out on postcards they can send to their loved ones living somewhere else.

Cook Together


When it’s cold or raining outside, the family can do several indoor activities together. One of these activities is cooking or baking. Cooking as a family offers several benefits for the children. It engages their senses and allows them to explore different types of food. This is particularly helpful for picky eaters.

Additionally, preparing the ingredients can also help educate the children in math. They can learn fractions, measurement, and counting concepts while preparing ingredients for a dish. Using different cooking equipment can also serve as a teaching moment. You can teach them the importance of protecting their hands using oven mitts or turning off equipment that is not used anymore. And at the end of the entire process, the family gets to have a nice meal together.

Camp in the Backyard

Since campgrounds and national parks are likely closed during the pandemic, the family can camp in their backyard. Setting up a tent and a small campfire will give the children the camping experience they may have missed when the pandemic started. Just make sure to have a pail of water ready on the side just in case. They can tell campfire stories and even stare at the sky and look for shooting stars.

The pandemic may have caused a bit of anxiety and restlessness in the family. But if they do some of these activities together, it’ll likely calm their nerves and allow them to connect.

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