Home life plays a vital role in any person’s well-being. For the modern entrepreneur, it’s often the only escape they ever really get from the challenges of work, career, and business. However, people’s perspectives and outlooks on a functional home are often founded on what they see online and peeking into the lives of others, which is often exaggerated and sensationalized. As a result, most home dynamics are cluttered, chaotic, and all over the place with no second for relaxation.

Avoid Quick Dopamine Zaps

What’s worse is that in search of change and makeover, most people fall into the trap of quick dopamine zaps, investing a lot into a renovation without paying notice to the core issue behind the chaos. In the end, they end up with more things and possessions on hand without having any proper use for them. And, after the initial burst of dopamine, nothing permanent really changes.

So, to make that call to the general contractor more worthwhile, let’s take a minimalist approach towards changing and rearranging things around your house. The goal is to achieve a refocused home life on functionality to make your abode a place of peace; to get the most out of the most important place on Earth — home.

#1 Your Personal Refuge

The first order of business is the bedroom, the place of rest, refuge, and relaxation. In recent times, this room has become the most versatile, with many using it as a place for study, entertainment, recreation, and more. No longer is it for rest, privacy, and intimacy, but now a jack of all trades. However, we strongly disagree with this notion, and we think it’s much better to narrow down its primary purpose.

  • Remove Things That Don’t Belong: A fresh start means clearing some things out, and you can begin by removing items that don’t belong in the bedroom. Naturally, you’d want to make it clean, which means putting stuff on the floor back into their rightful place, so don’t leave any clothes or books lying around. Likewise, if you have any paperwork or workout equipment misplaced, bring them back to where they should be and have the place spotless.
  • Declare What’s Important: Look, your bedroom shouldn’t house so many items because it’s supposed to encourage rest, and the more you jam inside your place of refuge, the more cluttered it will feel physically and mentally. Take out any unnecessary furniture and keep things simple to a bed, dresser, and a nightstand. You can have a TV, but if it only disrupts your rest, you might want to consider keeping that in the living room.

#2 Decluttering Your Office Space

While our home office space is where we got most of the work done and allows us to be productive, it’s also the most at risk of piling up with mess and clutter. And when your workspace is cluttered, and all of your papers are scattered around, the mess can get into your head and make you lose efficiency too. Plus, no one wants to work in untidy conditions.

  • Take Out The Unnecessary: Let’s be honest, when it comes to office supplies and equipment, we tend to adopt a hoarder mindset of “yeah, I might use that later, so best keep it.” However, an old printer and countless rims of paper have nothing to offer you currently, and most supplies take very long to use up. So, choose to keep what you’ll use and opt to take out the unnecessary items.
  • Go Through Your Filing Cabinet: Another place of hoarding interest is the filing cabinet, with many paperwork kept and hidden. Sure, you might think that keeping them away for when you need them might seem like the logical answer, but most of the time, half of these things have no use to you gathering dust. So, try to transition files into digital documents and keep only the most important.
  • Digital Clutter: Clutter can also gather on your computer and laptop, so do quick work of going through everything and placing them in your documents folder. You could also use cloud storage if multiple people from work need access to these files.

kitchen interior

#3 Upgrading The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas of a person’s home, meaning that it’s subject to most mess from sheer use. In fact, some people find it more comfortable to work at the dining table, making the kitchen area all the more important to declutter and refocus. Many households are guilty of paying no attention to the absurd amount of food, cooking equipment, and ingredients that pile up here. Our advice is to minimize and stick with the essentials, less is more, and you’ll find more motivation to try new recipes this way.

  • Organize Your Drawers and Cabinets: Most people like to cram as much as possible into drawers and cabinets without paying attention to the organization. Take the time to properly organize everything in its appropriate space and invest in dividers to make everything much easier to find.
  • A Pantry Purge: While there’s nothing inherently wrong with stocking up on food, the pantry is often overstocked and blown out of proportions. Too much food leads to old and expired items gathering dust and mold, so pull everything out and relocate food by kind. For old and expire items, take them to the trash or compost.

Your Home Should Be Functional

The modern entrepreneur depends on their home to be a place of peace, which means it should be functional and encourage purposeful living. Take this minimalist approach and see what you can change in your home right now.

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