Although coronavirus vaccines are being developed, it’s still difficult to tell when this pandemic will be over. Different public and private organizations are working together to alleviate this global health crisis. It’s useless to complain about your canceled holiday trip or to cry over the fact that it’s been months since you have gotten a haircut. Now is the time to direct your energy in supporting those in the frontlines of this battle by merely staying at home.

For most people, this is the time to bond with family members or catch up on home maintenance, such as decluttering their Salt Lake City house or repairing their home humidifiers. But for others, it’s the opportunity to heighten their interests. This can mean watching movies all day long with fewer distractions. So here are tips for enjoying watching films in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Organize films by genre

Whether the films are available in a hard drive or streaming services, it’s best to sort movies before watching them. To do so, organizing by genre helps, especially if there are many films lined up to watch. One’s mood is dependent on the type of film they seek to watch, customized according to their preference. This kind of organizing is also beneficial to viewers because it narrows down their choices. Viewers will not be overwhelmed since they can quickly decide just by going through the genres.

Keep a journal

This may not be for everyone, but for cinephiles, it’s a good idea to start a journal on the films they’ve watched. One can keep it short or write a long essay about a specific film. But in general, the idea of journaling about movies is to help the viewers process and apply what they have learned. Films provide the experience of identifying oneself to the characters, especially when they are in a similar situation. Jillian Lynch, a psychotherapist based in Sydney, who claimed films are an opportunity for viewers to recognize themselves in another character or situation to undergo change.

Apart from this, films can also shape your perception of the world today as they have the power to influence. In 2004, Yale researchers discovered that the movie The Day After Tomorrow “increased awareness on climate change.”

MoviesDon’t force yourself

While watching films is an exciting activity, it doesn’t mean you have to do it constantly. Don’t be pressured to keep up with the latest movies and appreciate them the same way as your friends or written in the reviews. This shouldn’t be the case because, again, everyone has different preferences. Prioritizing your interests matters most when watching films. Once you have found your pace and preferences, it will be easier not to give in to peer pressure.

Watching films is just one way to keep everyone else distracted from everything happening in the world today. In a lot of ways, films heal people as they are a source of happiness and keep our mental health in check. They are a safe space where you can immerse yourself in.

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